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 GNU Gettext Utilities
* ISO3166           Country Codes.             ISO 3166 country codes.
* ISO639           Language Codes.             ISO 639 language codes.
* autopoint           autopoint Invocation.    Copy gettext infrastructure.
* envsubst           envsubst Invocation.      Expand environment variables.
* gettext                                      GNU gettext utilities.
* gettextize           gettextize Invocation.  Prepare a package for gettext.
* msgattrib           msgattrib Invocation.    Select part of a PO file.
* msgcat           msgcat Invocation.          Combine several PO files.
* msgcmp           msgcmp Invocation.          Compare a PO file and template.
* msgcomm           msgcomm Invocation.        Match two PO files.
* msgconv           msgconv Invocation.        Convert PO file to encoding.
* msgen           msgen Invocation.            Create an English PO file.
* msgexec           msgexec Invocation.        Process a PO file.
* msgfilter           msgfilter Invocation.    Pipe a PO file through a filter.
* msgfmt           msgfmt Invocation.          Make MO files out of PO files.
* msggrep           msggrep Invocation.        Select part of a PO file.
* msginit           msginit Invocation.        Create a fresh PO file.
* msgmerge           msgmerge Invocation.      Update a PO file from template.
* msgunfmt           msgunfmt Invocation.      Uncompile MO file into PO file.
* msguniq           msguniq Invocation.        Unify duplicates for PO file.
* ngettext           ngettext Invocation.      Translate a message with plural.
* xgettext           xgettext Invocation.      Extract strings into a PO file.
Info Catalog
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