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 12.5 Information Flow
 * NOTE: * This documentation section is outdated and needs to be
    There will surely be some discussion about this messages after the
 packages are finally released.  If people now send you some proposals
 for better messages, how do you proceed?  Jim, please note that right
 now, as I put forward nearly a dozen of localizable programs, I receive
 both the translations and the coordination concerns about them.
    If I put one of my things to pretest, Ulrich receives the
 announcement and passes it on to the German team, who make last minute
 revisions.  Then he submits the translation files to me _as the
 maintainer_.  For free packages I do not maintain, I would not even
 hear about it.  This scheme could be made to work for the whole
 Translation Project, I think.  For security reasons, maybe Ulrich
 (national coordinators, in fact) should update central registry kept at
 the Translation Project (Jim, me, or Len's recruits) once in a while.
    In December/January, I was aggressively ready to internationalize
 all of GNU, giving myself the duty of one small GNU package per week or
 so, taking many weeks or months for bigger packages.  But it does not
 work this way.  I first did all the things I'm responsible for.  I've
 nothing against some missionary work on other maintainers, but I'm also
 loosing a lot of energy over it--same debates over again.
    And when the first localized packages are released we'll get a lot of
 responses about ugly translations :-).  Surely, and we need to have
 beforehand a fairly good idea about how to handle the information flow
 between the national teams and the package maintainers.
    Please start saving somewhere a quick history of each PO file.  I
 know for sure that the file format will change, allowing for comments.
 It would be nice that each file has a kind of log, and references for
 those who want to submit comments or gripes, or otherwise contribute.
 I sent a proposal for a fast and flexible format, but it is not
 receiving acceptance yet by the GNU deciders.  I'll tell you when I
 have more information about this.
Info Catalog (gettext) Organization (gettext) Translators (gettext) Prioritizing messages
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