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 13 The Maintainer's View
 The maintainer of a package has many responsibilities.  One of them is
 ensuring that the package will install easily on many platforms, and
 that the magic we described earlier ( Users) will work for
 installers and end users.
    Of course, there are many possible ways by which GNU `gettext' might
 be integrated in a distribution, and this chapter does not cover them
 in all generality.  Instead, it details one possible approach which is
 especially adequate for many free software distributions following GNU
 standards, or even better, Gnits standards, because GNU `gettext' is
 purposely for helping the internationalization of the whole GNU
 project, and as many other good free packages as possible.  So, the
 maintainer's view presented here presumes that the package already has
 a `' file and uses GNU Autoconf.
    Nevertheless, GNU `gettext' may surely be useful for free packages
 not following GNU standards and conventions, but the maintainers of such
 packages might have to show imagination and initiative in organizing
 their distributions so `gettext' work for them in all situations.
 There are surely many, out there.
    Even if `gettext' methods are now stabilizing, slight adjustments
 might be needed between successive `gettext' versions, so you should
 ideally revise this chapter in subsequent releases, looking for changes.


* Flat and Non-Flat           Flat or Non-Flat Directory Structures
* Prerequisites               Prerequisite Works
* gettextize Invocation       Invoking the `gettextize' Program
* Adjusting Files             Files You Must Create or Alter
* autoconf macros             Autoconf macros for use in `'
* CVS Issues                  Integrating with CVS
* Release Management          Creating a Distribution Tarball
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