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 12.1 Introduction 0
 * NOTE: * This documentation section is outdated and needs to be
    Free software is going international!  The Translation Project is a
 way to get maintainers, translators and users all together, so free
 software will gradually become able to speak many native languages.
    The GNU `gettext' tool set contains _everything_ maintainers need
 for internationalizing their packages for messages.  It also contains
 quite useful tools for helping translators at localizing messages to
 their native language, once a package has already been
    To achieve the Translation Project, we need many interested people
 who like their own language and write it well, and who are also able to
 synergize with other translators speaking the same language.  If you'd
 like to volunteer to _work_ at translating messages, please send mail
 to your translating team.
    Each team has its own mailing list, courtesy of Linux International.
 You may reach your translating team at the address `',
 replacing LL by the two-letter ISO 639 code for your language.
 Language codes are _not_ the same as country codes given in ISO 3166.
 The following translating teams exist:
      Chinese `zh', Czech `cs', Danish `da', Dutch `nl', Esperanto `eo',
      Finnish `fi', French `fr', Irish `ga', German `de', Greek `el',
      Italian `it', Japanese `ja', Indonesian `in', Norwegian `no',
      Polish `pl', Portuguese `pt', Russian `ru', Spanish `es', Swedish
      `sv' and Turkish `tr'.
 For example, you may reach the Chinese translating team by writing to
 `'.  When you become a member of the translating team for your
 own language, you may subscribe to its list.  For example, Swedish
 people can send a message to `', having this message
    Keep in mind that team members should be interested in _working_ at
 translations, or at solving translational difficulties, rather than
 merely lurking around.  If your team does not exist yet and you want to
 start one, please write to `'; you will
 then reach the coordinator for all translator teams.
    A handful of GNU packages have already been adapted and provided
 with message translations for several languages.  Translation teams
 have begun to organize, using these packages as a starting point.  But
 there are many more packages and many languages for which we have no
 volunteer translators.  If you would like to volunteer to work at
 translating messages, please send mail to
 `' indicating what language(s) you can work
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