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 What is Heimdal?
 Heimdal is a free implementation of Kerberos 5. The goals are to:
    * have an implementation that can be freely used by anyone
    * be protocol compatible with existing implementations and, if not in
      conflict, with RFC 1510 (and any future updated RFC)
    * be reasonably compatible with the M.I.T Kerberos V5 API
    * have support for Kerberos V5 over GSS-API (RFC1964)
    * include the most important and useful application programs (rsh,
      telnet, popper, etc.)
    * include enough backwards compatibility with Kerberos V4
 Heimdal has the following features (this does not mean any of this
    * a stub generator and a library to encode/decode/whatever ASN.1/DER
    * a `libkrb5' library that should be possible to get to work with
      simple applications
    * a GSS-API library that should have all the important functions for
      building applications
    * Eric Young's `libdes'
    * `kinit', `klist', `kdestroy'
    * `telnet', `telnetd'
    * `rsh', `rshd'
    * `popper', `push' (a movemail equivalent)
    * `ftp', and `ftpd'
    * a library `libkafs' for authenticating to AFS and a program
      `afslog' that uses it
    * some simple test programs
    * a KDC that supports most things; optionally, it may also support
      Kerberos V4 and kaserver,
    * simple programs for distributing databases between a KDC master and
    * a password changing daemon `kpasswdd', library functions for
      changing passwords and a simple client
    * some kind of administration system
    * Kerberos V4 support in many of the applications.
 Bug reports
 If you find bugs in this software, make sure it is a genuine bug and not
 just a part of the code that isn't implemented.
 Bug reports should be sent to <>. Please include
 information on what machine and operating system (including version)
 you are running, what you are trying to do, what happens, what you
 think should have happened, an example for us to repeat, the output you
 get when trying the example, and a patch for the problem if you have
 one. Please make any patches with `diff -u' or `diff -c'.
 Suggestions, comments and other non bug reports are also welcome.
 Mailing list
 There are two mailing lists with talk about Heimdal.
 <> is a low-volume announcement list, while
 <> is for general discussion.  Send a message to
 <> to subscribe.
 Heimdal source code, binaries and the manual
 The source code for heimdal, links to binaries and the manual (this
 document) can be found on our web-page at
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