dthffile(4)	 DEVICES AND NETWORK INTERFACES	      dthffile(4)

     dthffile -	define the format of TED Help Family files

     TED Help Family file format description.

     The Family	file is	based on the X11 syntax	 for  application
     resources.	  Family  files	 are  used  in	conjunction  with
     dthelpgen(1) to generate a	browser	Help volume  that  allows
     users to navigate through all of the available Help informa-

     The  Family  file,	 <filename>.hf,	 contains  the	following
     fields:  character	 set, title, abstract, volume list and an
     optional image name.

     The charSet field specifies the standard TED locale and code
     set  value	 to  be	 used  in  parsing the title and abstract
     fields  of	 the  Family  file.    The   default   value   is
     en_US.iso8859-1.	See  the  TED  Help  System  Author's and
     Programmer's for a	complete list of  supported  locales  and
     code  sets.   The Family title and	abstract must not contain
     any HelpTag markup	as this	file  is  not  processed  by  the
     HelpTag software.

     The title field  specifies	 the  title  of	 the  family,  as
     displayed in the top-level	of the browser Help volume.

     The abstract field	specifies the abstract	for  the  Family.
     Used to describe the family, it gives information about what
     type of volumes are in this Family	or why these volumes  are
     related.  For long	abstracts, the backslash character can be
     used to continue to the next line.

     The volumes field specifies which volumes belong to the Fam-
     ily.   The	 volumes  are  listed in the order they	appear on
     this line.	 A volume may be listed	in more	than one  Family.
     This  is  a  list	of volume names	separated by spaces.  The
     ending .sdl extension must	be specified if	the  search  path
     contains  a  %H  rather than an %H.sdl.  See DtHelpDialog(3)
     for more information about	TED Help search	path  syntax  and

     The [bitmap] field	 specifies  the	 image	that  pictorially
     describes	the  Family.  This image is displayed in the top-
     level browser volume just under the Family	title, and to the
     left of the abstract text.

     The icon file is optional.	 If one	is provide, the	path used
     to	 specify  the  location	 of the	file should be a complete
     pathname.	If an icon file	is  not	 provided,  the	 *.bitmap

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dthffile(4)	 DEVICES AND NETWORK INTERFACES	      dthffile(4)

     resource in the Family file should	not be provided.

     Supported Graphics	Formats:

	*.xwd	       X11 XWD file

	*.tif	       TIFF 5.0	image file

	*.pm	       X11 X Pixmap file

	*.bm	       X11 Bitmap file

  Registering A	Product	Family
     To	register a product family, create and install a	Help Fam-
     ily  file	(product.hf)  with the rest of the product's Help
     files.  Register the Family file  by  running  the	 dtappin-
     tegrate  script,  which  creates  a  symbolic  link  to  the
     product.hf	file.  For most	products, the  appropriate  place
     for the link is /etc/dt/appconfig/help/language/.	See dtap-
     pintegrate(1)  for	 more  information  on	registering  Help
     within the	desktop.

	*.charSet:     iso8859-1

	*.title:       Developer's  Information	 About	The  Help

	*.abstract:    Abstract	giving a short description  about
		       the Help	system.

	*.volumes:     helpkit.sdl helpdemo.sdl

	*.bitmap:      /usr/local/bitmap/


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See also dthffile(4)

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