Manual section 1Mtcp

aasd - Address Allocation Server
arp - address resolution display and control
autoconf6 - automatically configure IPv6 network interfaces at boot time
bootp - remote bootstrap configuration client
bootpd - Internet Boot Protocol server
bootpef - BOOTP extension file compiler
bootpgw - Internet Boot Protocol gateway
dcc - DHCP daemon control interface
dhcpc - DHCP client daemon
dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
dig - DNS lookup utility
dnsquery - query domain name servers using resolver
dnssec-keygen - key generation tool for DNSSEC
dnssec-makekeyset - produce a set of DNSSEC keys
dnssec-signkey - DNSSEC keyset signing tool
dnssec-signzone - DNSSEC zone signing tool
dnstonb - convert a DNS name to a valid NetBIOS name
fingerd - remote user information server
ftpcount - ftpcount
ftpd - ftpd
ftprestart - ftprestart
ftpshut - ftpshut
ftpwho - ftpwho
gated - gateway routing daemon
gdc - operational user interface for gated
gettable - get NIC format host tables from a host
host - DNS lookup utility
htable - convert NIC standard format host tables
ifconfig - configure network interface parameters
in.aasd - Address Allocation Server
in.bootpd - Internet Boot Protocol server
in.bootpgw - Internet Boot Protocol gateway
in.dhcpc - DHCP client daemon
in.dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
in.fingerd - remote user information server
in.gated - gateway routing daemon
in.mrouted - IP multicast routing daemon
in.named - Internet domain name server
in.nbd - NetBIOS daemon
in.otalkd - remote user communication server
in.rarpd - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
in.rexecd - remote execution server
in.rlogind - remote login server
in.routed - network unicast routing daemon
in.rshd - remote shell server
in.rwhod - system status server
in.talkd - remote user communication server
in.tcpd - control access to internet services
in.telnetd - TELNET protocol server
in.tftpd - DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
in.timed - time server daemon
in.tnamed - DARPA trivial name server
inconfig - configure the Internet protocol stack
inetd - Internet services daemon
initsock - initialize or update in-kernel sockets
intro - administrative commands for TCP/IP
Intro - administrative commands for TCP/IP
lwresd - lightweight resolver daemon
map-mbone - map multicast connections
maskreply - send gratuitous ICMP mask reply
mrinfo - display configuration information from a multicast router
mrouted - IP multicast routing daemon
mtrace - print multicast path from a source to a receiver
named - Internet domain name server
named-checkconf - Configuration file syntax checking tool
named-checkzone - Zone validity checking tool
named-xfer - ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
nb.conf - NetBIOS configuration file
nbd - NetBIOS daemon
nbtodns - convert a NetBIOS name to a valid DNS name
nbtodns, dnstonb - convert NetBIOS and DNS names
nbtstat - get information about NetBIOS
ndc - name daemon control program
ndp - control and display operation of NDP
ndpd-host - manage NDP on a host
ndpd-router - manage NDP and RIPng on a router
netbios - NetBIOS startup/shutdown script
netdate - notify time server that date has changed
netstat - show network status
nslookup - query Internet name servers interactively
nsupdate - Dynamic DNS update utility
ntp-keygen - generate public and private keys
ntpd - Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon
ntpdate - set the date and time via NTP
ntpdc - special NTP query program
ntpdsim - Network Time Protocol (NTP) simulator
ntpq - standard NTP query program
ntptime - read kernel time variables
ntptrace - trace a chain of NTP servers back to the primary source
ospf_monitor - monitor OSPF gateways
otalkd - remote user communication server
ping - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
rarpd - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
rdist - remote file distribution program
rexecd - remote execution server
ripquery - query RIP gateways
rlogind - remote login server
rndc - name server control utility
route - manually manipulate the routing tables
routed - network unicast routing daemon
rpcbind - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rshd - remote shell server
rtquery - query routing daemons for their routing tables
rusersd - network username server
rwall - write to all users over a network
rwalld - network rwall server
rwhod - system status server
rxlist - list available REXEC services
slattach - attach serial lines as network interfaces
slink - STREAMS linker
spray - spray packets
sprayd - spray server
talkd - remote user communication server
talkd, otalkd - remote user communication server
tcpd - control access to internet services
tcpdchk - check tcp wrapper configuration
tcpdmatch - predict how tcp wrappers will behave
telnetd - TELNET protocol server
tftpd - DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
tickadj - set time-related kernel variables
timed - time server daemon
timedc - timed control program
tnamed - DARPA trivial name server
traceroute - trace the route packets take in order to reach a network host
trpt - transliterate protocol trace
ttcp - test TCP and UDP performance