Manual section 1bsd

addbib - (BSD) create or extend a bibliographic database
aedplot - (BSD) graphics filter
apropos - (BSD) locate commands by keyword lookup
arch - (BSD) display the architecture of the current host
atoplot - (BSD) graphics filter
basename - (BSD) display portions of pathnames
bgplot - (BSD) graphics filter
biff - (BSD) give notice of incoming mail messages
cc - (BSD) C compiler
checknr - (BSD) check nroff and troff input files; report possible errors
chown - (BSD) change file owner
crtplot - (BSD) graphics filter
deroff - (BSD) remove nroff, troff, tbl and eqn constructs
df - (BSD) report free disk space on file systems
diffmk - (BSD) mark differences between versions of a troff input file
dumbplot - (BSD) graphics filter
echo - (BSD) echo arguments
eqn, neqn, checkeq - (BSD) typeset mathematics
fsirand - (BSD) install random inode generation numbers
gigiplot - (BSD) graphics filter
groups - (BSD) display a user's group memberships
hostid - print the numeric identifier of the current host
hostname - set or print name of current host system
hpplot - (BSD) graphics filter
implot - (BSD) graphics filter
indxbib - (BSD) create an inverted index to a bibliographic database
install - (BSD) install files
Intro - unrestricted commands provided for BSD compatibility
intro - unrestricted commands provided for BSD compatibility
lastcomm - (BSD) show the last commands executed, in reverse order
ld - (BSD) link editor, dynamic link editor
ln - (BSD) make hard or symbolic links to files
logger - (BSD) add entries to the system log
look - (BSD) find words in the system dictionary or lines in a sorted list
lookbib - (BSD) find references in a bibliographic database
lpq - (BSD) display the queue of printer jobs
lpr - (BSD) send a job to the printer
lprm - (BSD) remove jobs from the printer queue
lptest - (BSD) generate lineprinter ripple pattern
ls - (BSD) list the contents of a directory
mach - (BSD) display the processor type of the current host
nroff - (BSD) format documents for display or line-printer
pagesize - (BSD) display the size of a page of memory
plot - (BSD) graphics filters for various plotters
plottoa - (BSD) graphics filter
prt - (BSD) display the delta and commentary history of an SCCS file
ps - (bsd) display the status of current processes
refer - (BSD) expand and insert references from a bibliographic database
reset - (BSD) restore terminal characteristics
roffbib - (BSD) format and print a bibliographic database
sccs - (BSD) front end for the Source Code Control System (SCCS)
soelim - (BSD) resolve and eliminate .so requests from nroff or troff input
sortbib - (BSD) sort a bibliographic database
stty - (BSD) set the options for a terminal
sum - (BSD) calculate a checksum for a file
t300 - (BSD) graphics filter
t300s - (BSD) graphics filter
t4013 - (BSD) graphics filter
t450 - (BSD) graphics filter
tbl - (BSD) format tables for nroff or troff
tek - (BSD) graphics filter
test - (BSD) condition evaluation command
tr - (bsd) translate characters
troff - (BSD) typeset or format documents
tset - (BSD) establish terminal characteristics
tset, reset - (BSD) establish or restore terminal characteristics
ul - (BSD) underline
unifdef - (BSD) resolve and remove ifdef'ed lines from C program source
uptime - (BSD) show how long the system has been up
users - (BSD) display a compact list of users logged in
w - (BSD) who is logged in, and what are they doing
whatis - (BSD) display a one-line summary about a keyword
which - (BSD) locate a command; display its pathname or alias