Manual section 3G

advance - find string in regular expression
basename - return the last element of a path name
bgets - read stream up to next delimiter
braelist - subexpressions in regular expression
braslist - subexpressions in regular expression
bufsplit - split buffer into fields
closelog - close system log
compile - compile regular expression
copylist - copy a file into memory
copylist, copylist64 - copy a file into memory
copylist64 - copy a file into memory (supports large files)
crypt - encrypt passwords
dirname - report the parent directory name of a file path name
encrypt - access password hashing algorithm
endutxent - access utmpx file entry
getmntany - get mnttab file entry
getmntent - get mnttab file entry
getut: getutent, getutid, getutline, pututline, setutent, endutent, utmpname - access utmp file entry
getutmp - access utmpx file entry
getutmpx - access utmpx file entry
getutx: getutxent, getutxid, getutxline, pututxline, setutxent, endutxent, utmpxname, getutmp, getutmpx, updwtmp, updwtmpx - access utmpx file entry
getutxent - access utmpx file entry
getutxid - access utmpx file entry
getutxline - access utmpx file entry
getvfsany - search vfstab file for matching pattern
getvfsent - return pointer to vfstab file entry
getvfsfile - search vfstab file
getvfsspec - search vfstab file
gmatch - shell global pattern matching
Intro - introduction to general library routines
isencrypt - determine whether a character buffer is encrypted
loc1 - first char of match in regular expression
loc2 - first char after match in regular expression
locs - used to stop regular expression matching in a string
mkdirp, rmdirp - create, remove directories in a path
nbra - number of subexpressions in regular expression
openlog - open system log
p2open, p2close - open, close pipes to and from a command
pathfind - search for named file in named directories
pututxline - access utmpx file entry
regcmp, regex - compile and execute regular expression
regerrno - regular expression compile error number
regexpr: compile, step, advance - regular expression compile and match routines
reglength - length of compiled regular expression
setkey - access password hashing algorithm
setlogmask - set log priority mask
setutxent - access utmpx file entry
step - find string in regular expression
str: strfind, strrspn, strtrns - string manipulations
strccpy, strcadd, strecpy, streadd - copy strings, compressing or expanding escape codes
syslog, openlog, closelog, setlogmask - control system log
updwtmp - access utmpx file entry
updwtmpx - access utmpx file entry
utmpxname - access utmpx file entry