Manual section 3dba

dbAddDbPriv - grant a user access to a specific EELS databases
dbAddUserPriv - grant a user access to all EELS databases
dbCheckDatabase - check if a given EELS database exists
dbCheckTable - check for the existence of a table
dbClose - close a connection to a database
dbCloseConn - close a database connection
dbConnect - establish a connection to a database
dbCreateDatabase - create an EELS database
dbCreateTable - create an Event Table
dbDeleteDatabase - delete an EELS database
dbDeleteDbPriv - delete user privileges assigned on a database level by dbAddDbPriv
dbDeleteTable - delete an Event Table
dbDeleteUserPriv - delete user privileges assigned by dbAddUserPriv
dbFreePriv - free a DBPriv_t linked list
dbFreeResult - free memory used by the result of a database query
dbFreeRow - free the memory used by a returned row value
dbGetColumnIndexByName - return a field's column index based on its name
dbGetColumnNameByIndex - return a field's name based on its column index
dbGetdbPriv - get database privileges based on host, user and database name
dbGetError - return the current error status of a database connection
dbGetMaxUniqEventID - return the maximum Uniq Event ID
dbGetNextRecord - read a record from the log database
dbGetNextRow - return a row from a result table based on row and column index
dbGetUserPriv - get user privileges based on host and user name
dbInitialize - set up the EELS administrative database
dbListDatabases - get the list of databases in use by EELS
dbListTables - list the tables in a database
dbNumberRows - get the number of inserted or deleted records
dbPrivStr - return a printable string based on a privilege bitmask
dbQuery - send an SQL query to a database
dbTrace - enable tracing for a specific database connection
dbUpdateMaxUniqEventID - update the maximum Uniq Event ID
dbWriteRecord - write a record to the log database
Intro - EELS Database access API
intro - EELS Database Access API