Manual section 3dmi

CiAddRow - add a row of data to an existing table
CiDeleteRow - delete a row of data from an existing row
CiGetAttribute - get value(s) of attribute(s) within a single group
CiGetNextAttribute - get value of attribute following currently referenced attribute.
CiReleaseAttribute - release an attribute reserved by CiReserveAttribute
CiReserveAttribute - can the specified attribute be set ?
CiSetAttribute - set the value of a specified attribute
DmiAddComponent - add component to DMI database
DmiAddGroup - add group to component in DMI database
DmiAddLanguage - add language mapping for component in DMI database
DmiAddRow - add row to table
DmiAlloc - allocate a memory block
DmiComponentAdded - component added indication
DmiComponentDeleted - component deleted indication
DmiCopy - copy a DMI structure
DmiCopyAttributeData - Copy DMI AttributeData
DmiCopyAttributeIds - Copy DMI AttributeIds
DmiCopyAttributeInfo - Copy DMI AttributeInfo
DmiCopyAttributeList - Copy DMI AttributeList
DmiCopyAttributeValues - Copy DMI AttributeValues
DmiCopyClassNameInfo - Copy DMI ClassNameInfo
DmiCopyClassNameList - Copy DMI ClassNameList
DmiCopyComponentInfo - Copy DMI ComponentInfo
DmiCopyComponentList - Copy DMI ComponentList
DmiCopyDataUnion - Copy DMI DataUnion
DmiCopyEnumInfo - Copy DMI EnumInfo
DmiCopyEnumList - Copy DMI EnumList
DmiCopyFileDataInfo - Copy DMI FileDataInfo
DmiCopyFileDataList - Copy DMI FileDataList
DmiCopyFileTypeList - Copy DMI FileTypeList
DmiCopyGroupInfo - Copy DMI GroupInfo
DmiCopyGroupList - Copy DMI GroupList
DmiCopyMultiRowData - Copy DMI MultiRowData
DmiCopyMultiRowRequest - Copy DMI MultiRowRequest
DmiCopyNodeAddress - Copy DMI NodeAddress
DmiCopyOctetString - Copy DMI OctetString
DmiCopyRowData - Copy DMI RowData
DmiCopyRowRequest - Copy DMI RowRequest
DmiCopyString - Copy DMI String
DmiCopyStringList - Copy DMI StringList
DmiCopyTimestamp - Copy DMI Timestamp
DmiCreateMemDsc - create and initialize a memory management descriptor
DmiCreatePool - create a pool of memory
DmiCreatePoolMemDsc - create a pool descriptor
DmiDeleteComponent - delete component from DMI database
DmiDeleteGroup - delete group from component in DMI database
DmiDeleteLanguage - delete language mapping for component in DMI database
DmiDeleteRow - remove function from existing table
DmiDeliverEvent - deliver event data to an application
DmiDestroyMemDsc - release a memory management descriptor
DmiDestroyPool - destroy pool of memory
DmiDestroyPoolMemDsc - release a pool descriptor
DmiDup - duplicate a DMI structure
DmiDupAttributeData - duplicate a DMI AttributeData
DmiDupAttributeIds - duplicate a DMI AttributeIds
DmiDupAttributeInfo - duplicate a DMI AttributeInfo
DmiDupAttributeList - duplicate a DMI AttributeList
DmiDupAttributeValues - duplicate a DMI AttributeValues
DmiDupClassNameInfo - duplicate a DMI ClassNameInfo
DmiDupClassNameList - duplicate a DMI ClassNameList
DmiDupComponentInfo - duplicate a DMI ComponentInfo
DmiDupComponentList - duplicate a DMI ComponentList
DmiDupDataUnion - duplicate a DMI DataUnion
DmiDupEnumInfo - duplicate a DMI EnumInfo
DmiDupEnumList - duplicate a DMI EnumList
DmiDupFileDataInfo - duplicate a DMI FileDataInfo
DmiDupFileDataList - duplicate a DMI FileDataList
DmiDupFileTypeList - duplicate a DMI FileTypeList
DmiDupGroupInfo - duplicate a DMI GroupInfo
DmiDupGroupList - duplicate a DMI GroupList
DmiDupMultiRowData - duplicate a DMI MultiRowData
DmiDupMultiRowRequest - duplicate a DMI MultiRowRequest
DmiDupNodeAddress - duplicate a DMI NodeAddress
DmiDupOctetString - duplicate a DMI OctetString
DmiDupRowData - duplicate a DMI RowData
DmiDupRowRequest - duplicate a DMI RowRequest
DmiDupString - duplicate a DMI String
DmiDupStringList - duplicate a DMI StringList
DmiDupTimestamp - duplicate a DMI Timestamp
DmiFree - release a memory block
DmiFreeAttributeData - release a DMI AttributeData
DmiFreeAttributeIds - release a DMI AttributeIds
DmiFreeAttributeInfo - release a DMI AttributeInfo
DmiFreeAttributeList - release a DMI AttributeList
DmiFreeAttributeValues - release a DMI AttributeValues
DmiFreeClassNameInfo - release a DMI ClassNameInfo
DmiFreeClassNameList - release a DMI ClassNameList
DmiFreeComponentInfo - release a DMI ComponentInfo
DmiFreeComponentList - release a DMI ComponentList
DmiFreeDataUnion - release a DMI DataUnion
DmiFreeEnumInfo - release a DMI EnumInfo
DmiFreeEnumList - release a DMI EnumList
DmiFreeFileDataInfo - release a DMI FileDataInfo
DmiFreeFileDataList - release a DMI FileDataList
DmiFreeFileTypeList - release a DMI FileTypeList
DmiFreeGroupInfo - release a DMI GroupInfo
DmiFreeGroupList - release a DMI GroupList
DmiFreeMultiRowData - release a DMI MultiRowData
DmiFreeMultiRowRequest - release a DMI MultiRowRequest
DmiFreeNodeAddress - release a DMI NodeAddress
DmiFreeOctetString - release a DMI OctetString
DmiFreeRowData - release a DMI RowData
DmiFreeRowRequest - release a DMI RowRequest
DmiFreeString - release a DMI String
DmiFreeStringList - release a DMI StringList
DmiFreeTimestamp - release a DMI Timestamp
DmiGetAttribute - get single attribute value from Service Provider
DmiGetClientMemDsc - function provided for compatibility with previous versions of DMI
DmiGetConfig - get configuration information on current session
DmiGetDefaultMemDsc - return the last set default memory management descriptor
DmiGetFirstPoolBlock - get the first block of memory in a pool
DmiGetMultiple - get attribute values from DMI Service Provider
DmiGetNextPoolBlock - get the next block in a pool of memory
DmiGetSubscriptionAddress - return the address of the indication server
DmiGetSysMemDsc - return the system memory descriptor
DmiGetVersion - get version information about DMI Service Provider
DmiGroupAdded - group added indication
DmiGroupDeleted - group deleted indication
DmiIndicationListen - instruct client to listen for incoming indications
DmiIndicationListenExt - instruct client to listen for specific incoming indications
DmiLanguageAdded - language added indication
DmiLanguageDeleted - language deleted indication
DmiListAttributes - list attribute properties for a group
DmiListClassNames - list class names of all groups in a component
DmiListComponents - list information about installed components
DmiListComponentsByClass - list information about specific installed components
DmiListGroups - list groups within a specific installed component
DmiListLanguages - list all language mappings for a specific component
DmiListTransportTypes - list all current transports for RPC
DmiNew - create a DMI structure
DmiNewAttributeData - create a DMI AttributeData
DmiNewAttributeIds - create a DMI AttributeIds
DmiNewAttributeInfo - create a DMI AttributeInfo
DmiNewAttributeList - create a DMI AttributeList
DmiNewAttributeValues - create a DMI AttributeValues
DmiNewClassNameInfo - create a DMI ClassNameInfo
DmiNewClassNameList - create a DMI ClassNameList
DmiNewComponentInfo - create a DMI ComponentInfo
DmiNewComponentList - create a DMI ComponentList
DmiNewDataUnion - create a DMI DataUnion
DmiNewEnumInfo - create a DMI EnumInfo
DmiNewEnumList - create a DMI EnumList
DmiNewFileDataInfo - create a DMI FileDataInfo
DmiNewFileDataList - create a DMI FileDataList
DmiNewFileTypeList - create a DMI FileTypeList
DmiNewGroupInfo - create a DMI GroupInfo
DmiNewGroupList - create a DMI GroupList
DmiNewMultiRowData - create a DMI MultiRowData
DmiNewMultiRowRequest - create a DMI MultiRowRequest
DmiNewNodeAddress - create a DMI NodeAddress
DmiNewOctetString - create a DMI OctetString
DmiNewRowData - create a DMI RowData
DmiNewRowRequest - create a DMI RowRequest
DmiNewString - create a DMI String
DmiNewStringList - create a DMI StringList
DmiNewTimestamp - create a DMI Timestamp
DmiNewUnicodeString - create a DMI UnicodeString
DmiNodeAlloc_t - placeholder for the memory allocation function
DmiNodeFree_t - placeholder for the memory deallocation function
DmiOriginateEvent - originate an event for filtering and delivery
DmiPoolAlloc - allocate a memory block in a pool
DmiPoolFree - release a previously allocated segment of pool memory
DmiRegister - open a session with the default Service Provider
DmiRegisterCi - register a callable interface with the service provider
DmiRemoteRegister - open a session with a remote Service Provider
DmiRemoteUnregister - close a session with a remote Service Provider
DmiSetAttribute - set a single attribute value
DmiSetConfig - set configuration information for current session
DmiSetDefaultMemDsc - set the value of the memory management descriptor parameter
DmiSetIndicationCallbacks - pass indication callback entry point information from application to client
DmiSetMultiple - perform set operation on one or more attributes
DmiStopIndicationListening - instruct client to stop delivering incoming indications to application
DmiStopIndicationListeningExt - instruct client to stop delivering indications via the specified RPC
DmiSubscriptionNotice - subscribe to receive indications
DmiUnregister - close a session with a remote Service Provider
DmiUnregisterCi - Remove a callable interface from the service provider's list of registered interfaces
Intro - DMI 2.0 Service Provider API