Manual section 3ocurses

curs_addch: addch, waddch, mvaddch, mvwaddch, echochar, wechochar - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addchstr: addchstr, addchnstr, waddchstr, waddchnstr, mvaddchstr, mvaddchnstr, mvwaddchstr, mvwaddchnstr - add string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addstr: addstr, addnstr, waddstr, waddnstr, mvaddstr, mvaddnstr, mvwaddstr, mvwaddnstr - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addwch: addwch, waddwch, mvaddwch, mvwaddwch, echowchar, wechowchar - add a wchar_t character (with attributes) to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addwchstr: addwchstr, addwchnstr, waddwchstr, waddwchnstr, mvaddwchstr, mvaddwchnstr, mvwaddwchstr, mvwaddwchnstr - add string of wchar_t characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addwstr: addwstr, addnwstr, waddwstr, waddnwstr, mvaddwstr, mvaddnwstr, mvwaddwstr, mvwaddnwstr - add a string of wchar_t characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_attr: attroff, wattroff, attron, wattron, attrset, wattrset, standend, wstandend, standout, wstandout - curses character and window attribute control routines
curs_beep: beep, flash - curses bell and screen flash routines
curs_bkgd: bkgdset, wbkgdset, bkgd, wbkgd - curses window background manipulation routines
curs_border: border, wborder, box, hline, whline, vline, wvline - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
curs_clear: erase, werase, clear, wclear, clrtobot, wclrtobot, clrtoeol, wclrtoeol - clear all or part of a curses window
curs_color: start_color, init_pair, init_color, has_colors, can_change_color, color_content, pair_content - curses color manipulation routines
curs_delch: delch, wdelch, mvdelch, mvwdelch - delete character under cursor in a curses window
curs_deleteln: deleteln, wdeleteln, insdelln, winsdelln, insertln, winsertln - delete and insert lines in a curses window
curs_getch: getch, wgetch, mvgetch, mvwgetch, ungetch - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getstr: getstr, wgetstr, mvgetstr, mvwgetstr, wgetnstr - get character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getwch: getwch, wgetwch, mvgetwch, mvwgetwch, ungetwch - get (or push back) wchar_t characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getwstr: getwstr, getnwstr, wgetwstr, wgetnwstr, mvgetwstr, mvgetnwstr, mvwgetwstr, mvwgetnwstr - get wchar_t character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getyx: getyx, getparyx, getbegyx, getmaxyx - get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_inch: inch, winch, mvinch, mvwinch - get a character and its attributes from a curses window
curs_inchstr: inchstr, inchnstr, winchstr, winchnstr, mvinchstr, mvinchnstr, mvwinchstr, mvwinchnstr - get a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_initscr: initscr, newterm, endwin, isendwin, set_term, delscreen - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
curs_inopts: cbreak, nocbreak, echo, noecho, halfdelay, intrflush, keypad, meta, nodelay, notimeout, raw, noraw, noqiflush, qiflush, timeout, wtimeout, typeahead - curses terminal input option control routines
curs_insch: insch, winsch, mvinsch, mvwinsch - insert a character before the character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_insstr: insstr, insnstr, winsstr, winsnstr, mvinsstr, mvinsnstr, mvwinsstr, mvwinsnstr - insert string before character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_instr: instr, innstr, winstr, winnstr, mvinstr, mvinnstr, mvwinstr, mvwinnstr - get a string of characters from a curses window
curs_inswch: inswch, winswch, mvinswch, mvwinswch - insert a wchar_t character before the character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_inswstr: inswstr, insnwstr, winswstr, winsnwstr, mvinswstr, mvinsnwstr, mvwinswstr, mvwinsnwstr - insert wchar_t string before character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_inwch: inwch, winwch, mvinwch, mvwinwch - get a wchar_t character and its attributes from a curses window
curs_inwchstr: inwchstr, inwchnstr, winwchstr, winwchnstr, mvinwchstr, mvinwchnstr, mvwinwchstr, mvwinwchnstr - get a string of wchar_t characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_inwstr: inwstr, innwstr, winwstr, winnwstr, mvinwstr, mvinnwstr, mvwinwstr, mvwinnwstr - get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
curs_kernel: def_prog_mode, def_shell_mode, reset_prog_mode, reset_shell_mode, resetty, savetty, getsyx, setsyx, ripoffline, curs_set, napms - low-level curses routines
curs_move: move, wmove - move curses window cursor
curs_outopts: clearok, idlok, idcok immedok, leaveok, setscrreg, wsetscrreg, scrollok, nl, nonl - curses terminal output option control routines
curs_overlay: overlay, overwrite, copywin - overlap and manipulate overlapped curses windows
curs_pad: newpad, subpad, prefresh, pnoutrefresh, pechochar, pechowchar - create and display curses pads
curs_printw: printw, wprintw, mvprintw, mvwprintw, vwprintw - print formatted output in curses windows
curs_refresh: refresh, wrefresh, wnoutrefresh, doupdate, redrawwin, wredrawln - refresh curses windows and lines
curs_scanw: scanw, wscanw, mvscanw, mvwscanw, vwscanw - convert formatted input from a curses window
curs_scr_dump: scr_dump, scr_restore, scr_init, scr_set - read (write) a curses screen from (to) a file
curs_scroll: scroll, srcl, wscrl - scroll a curses window
curs_slk: slk_init, slk_set, slk_refresh, slk_noutrefresh, slk_label, slk_clear, slk_restore, slk_touch, slk_attron, slk_attrset, slk_attroff - curses soft label routines
curs_termattrs: baudrate, erasechar, has_ic, has_il, killchar, longname, termattrs, termname - curses environment query routines
curs_termcap: tgetent, tgetflag, tgetnum, tgetstr, tgoto, tputs - curses interfaces (emulated) to the termcap library
curs_terminfo: setupterm, setterm, set_curterm, del_curterm, restartterm, tparm, tputs, putp, vidputs, vidattr, mvcur, tigetflag, tigetnum, tigetstr - curses interfaces to terminfo database
curs_touch: touchwin, touchline, untouchwin, wtouchln, is_linetouched, is_wintouched - curses refresh control routines
curs_util: unctrl, keyname, filter, use_env, putwin, getwin, delay_output, draino, flushinp - miscellaneous curses utility routines
curs_window: newwin, delwin, mvwin, subwin, derwin, mvderwin, dupwin, wsyncup, syncok, wcursyncup, wsyncdown - create curses windows
curses - CRT screen handling and optimization package
form_cursor: pos_form_cursor - position forms window cursor
form_data: data_ahead, data_behind - tell if forms field has off-screen data ahead or behind
form_driver - command processor for the forms subsystem
form_field: set_form_fields, form_fields, field_count, move_field - connect fields to forms
form_field_attributes: set_field_fore, field_fore, set_field_back, field_back, set_field_pad, field_pad - format the general display attributes of forms
form_field_buffer: set_field_buffer, field_buffer, set_field_status, field_status, set_max_field - set and get forms field attributes
form_field_info: field_info, dynamic_field_info - get forms field characteristics
form_field_just: set_field_just, field_just - format the general appearance of forms
form_field_new: new_field, dup_field, link_field, free_field, - create and destroy forms fields
form_field_opts: set_field_opts, field_opts_on, field_opts_off, field_opts - forms field option routines
form_field_userptr: set_field_userptr, field_userptr - associate application data with forms
form_field_validation: set_field_type, field_type, field_arg - forms field data type validation
form_fieldtype: new_fieldtype, free_fieldtype, set_fieldtype_arg, set_fieldtype_choice, link_fieldtype - forms fieldtype routines
form_hook: set_form_init, form_init, set_form_term, form_term, set_field_init, field_init, set_field_term, field_term - assign application-specific routines for invocation by forms
form_new: new_form, free_form - create and destroy forms
form_new_page: set_new_page, new_page - forms pagination
form_opts: set_form_opts, form_opts_on, form_opts_off, form_opts - forms option routines
form_page: set_form_page, form_page, set_current_field, current_field, field_index - set forms current page and field
form_post: post_form, unpost_form - write or erase forms from associated subwindows
form_userptr: set_form_userptr, form_userptr - associate application data with forms
form_win: set_form_win, form_win, set_form_sub, form_sub, scale_form - forms window and subwindow association routines
forms - character based forms package
Intro - Introduction to SVR4 curses, form, menu, and panel library routines
menu_attributes: set_menu_fore, menu_fore, set_menu_back, menu_back, set_menu_grey, menu_grey, set_menu_pad, menu_pad - control menus display attributes
menu_cursor: pos_menu_cursor - correctly position a menus cursor
menu_driver - command processor for the menus subsystem
menu_format: set_menu_format, menu_format - set and get maximum numbers of rows and columns in menus
menu_hook: set_item_init, item_init, set_item_term, item_term, set_menu_init, menu_init, set_menu_term, menu_term - assign application-specific routines for automatic invocation by menus
menu_item_current: set_current_item, current_item, set_top_row, top_row, item_index - set and get current menus items
menu_item_name: item_name, item_description - get menus item name and description
menu_item_new: new_item, free_item - create and destroy menus items
menu_item_opts: set_item_opts, item_opts_on, item_opts_off, item_opts - menus item option routines
menu_item_userptr: set_item_userptr, item_userptr - associate application data with menus items
menu_item_value: set_item_value, item_value - set and get menus item values
menu_item_visible: item_visible - tell if menus item is visible
menu_items: set_menu_items, menu_items, item_count - connect and disconnect items to and from menus
menu_mark: set_menu_mark, menu_mark - menus mark string routines
menu_new: new_menu, free_menu - create and destroy menus
menu_opts: set_menu_opts, menu_opts_on, menu_opts_off, menu_opts - menus option routines
menu_pattern: set_menu_pattern, menu_pattern - set and get menus pattern match buffer
menu_post: post_menu, unpost_menu - write or erase menus from associated subwindows
menu_userptr: set_menu_userptr, menu_userptr - associate application data with menus
menu_win: set_menu_win, menu_win, set_menu_sub, menu_sub, scale_menu - menus window and subwindow association routines
menus - character based menus package
panel_above: panel_above, panel_below - panels deck traversal primitives
panel_move: move_panel - move a panels window on the virtual screen
panel_new: new_panel, del_panel - create and destroy panels
panel_show: show_panel, hide_panel, panel_hidden - panels deck manipulation routines
panel_top: top_panel, bottom_panel - panels deck manipulation routines
panel_update: update_panels - panels virtual screen refresh routine
panel_userptr: set_panel_userptr, panel_userptr - associate application data with a panels panel
panel_window: panel_window, replace_panel - get or set the current window of a panels panel
panels - character based panels package
tam - TAM transition libraries