Manual section 3tlib

Bmip - BMIP response parsing routines
BmipResponseActionInfo - return operation action to client in BMIP response
BmipResponseActionType - return action of BMIP response
BmipResponseAttrValList - return attributes and values of a BMIP response
BmipResponseClass - return class name of BMIP response
BmipResponseErrorId - return identifier for error message on error stack
BmipResponseErrorIsPresent - indicate if error is associated with BMIP response
BmipResponseErrorStack - return error stack generated by BMIP request
BmipResponseErrorText - return text for error message on error stack
BmipResponseObjectInstance - return object name of BMIP response
BmipResponseOperation - return operation name of BMIP response
CallNonStdCmd, CallNonStdCmdLocale - call command line utility returning output
CallNonStdCmdLocale - call command line utility with specified locale
CallTfadminCmd - call command using tfadmin
Error - error handling interface for SCOadmin clients/OSAs
ErrorAddData - add error data to entry on top of error stack
ErrorCatch - process a SCOadmin error
ErrorData - get error data from stack frame
ErrorId - get message identifier for error from stack frame
ErrorOutput - output error stack in human-readable format
ErrorPush - push an error frame onto an error stack
ErrorPushUnix - push a UNIX error onto an error stack
ErrorStackSize - get current size of error stack
ErrorText - get localized error text from stack frame
ErrorThrow - throw an existing error stack
ErrorTopLevelCatch - trap SCOadmin errors
getopt - parse UNIX command line options
IntlLocal - return localized text
IntlLocal, IntlLocalizeMsg - localize message
IntlLocalizeMsg - return Tcl list structure rather than just localized text
Lock: LockPread, LockPwrite, LockVread, LockVwrite - apply/release read/write locks on files
LockPread - applies read lock on given file
LockPwrite - applies write lock on given file
LockVread - release read lock
LockVwrite - release write lock
Object: ObjectCreate, ObjectDelete, ObjectAction, ObjectGet, ObjectReplaceWithDefault, ObjectReplace, ObjectAdd, ObjectRemove - perform operations on SCOadmin objects
ObjectAction - perform a class-specific action on an object
ObjectAdd - add values to attributes of object
ObjectCreate - create an object
ObjectDelete - delete an object
ObjectEventNotification - register notification function
ObjectGet - get attributes of an object
ObjectRemove - remove values from attributes of object
ObjectReplace - replace specified values of object
ObjectReplaceWithDefault - assign default values to attributes of an object
OFBinding - bind a class description table
OFCatchBmipEvent - send an event to originator of object request if error is returned
OFEvaluateFilter - filter list of objects
OFEvaluateOperation - perform BMIP request
OFGenerateHandleId - generate indentifier for BMIP request
OFHandleScopedRequest - perform scoped BMIP request
OFReturnBmipResponse - send BMIP response
OFThrowBmipEvent - send an event to originator of object request
OFThrowBmipEvent, OFCatchBmipEvent - send event to program making object call
OsaLog - log a message for an object instance and event type
OsaLog: OsaLogOpen, OsaLogClose, OsaLog - interface for logging events to the SCOadmin event log
OsaLogClose - close I/O stream flush event data
OsaLogOpen - open an I/O stream to SCOadmin event file
SaAlignedForm - creates one or more vertically aligned widgets within a form, with right-justified localized labels
SaAutoRefresh: SaAutoRefresh, SaAutoRefreshOn, SaAutoRefreshOff, SaAutoRefreshPause, SaAutoRefreshResume, SaAutoRefreshGetState, SaAutoRefreshGetInterval, SaAutoRefreshSetInterval, SaAutoRefreshLoad, SaAutoRefreshStore, SaAutoRefreshCalled, SaAutoRefreshIntervalCB - SCO Visual Tcl package for manual and automatic refreshing of data
SaAutoRefreshCalled - return whether refresh was called by service or application
SaAutoRefreshGetInterval - get current auto refresh interval
SaAutoRefreshGetState - get current auto refresh state
SaAutoRefreshIntervalCB - present interface for setting refresh interval
SaAutoRefreshLoad - load auto refresh interval values
SaAutoRefreshOff - stops auto refresh service
SaAutoRefreshOn - starts auto refresh service
SaAutoRefreshPause - pauses auto refresh service
SaAutoRefreshResume - resumes auto refresh service
SaAutoRefreshSetInterval - set auto refresh interval
SaAutoRefreshStore - store auto refresh interval values
SaCharmSetMaxFormDimensions - expand CHARM SCO Visual Tcl form to maximum dimensions on the current character display
SaDisplay: SaDisplayErrorStacks, SaDisplayErrorInfo, SaDisplayNoAuths, SaDisplayNotRoot - SCO Visual Tcl interface for displaying error stacks and other common errors
SaDisplayErrorInfo - display simple text string rather than full error stack
SaDisplayErrorStacks - display full error stack
SaDisplayNoAuths - display error indicating invoker has insufficient authorization
SaDisplayNotRoot - display error indicating invoker must be root
SaGetPwEnts - get list of user attributes
SaGroupsGet - get list of group names
SaHelpGetOptionsList - get a standard list of help pulldown menu options
SaHost: SaHostGetLocalName, SaHostGetManagedName, SaHostExtractSystemName, SaHostExtractDomain, SaHostsGet, SaHostCheck, SaHostRemoteOsaAccessible - host name management for SCOadmin applications
SaHostCheck - determine if host is known to name service of local host
SaHostExtractDomain - extract domain from fully qualified host name
SaHostExtractSystemName - extract host name from fully qualified host name
SaHostGetLocalName - get local host name
SaHostGetManagedName - get name of host being managed
SaHostRemoteOsaAccessible - test if remote services are available
SaHostsGet - use the local host name service to obtain list of hosts
SaListShowSelectedItem, SaDrawnListShowSelectedItem - SCO Visual Tcl interface for bringing selected list items into view
SaMakeObjectCall - perform object calls returing a list of BMIP responses
SaOpenHost: SaOpenHostCB, SaOpenHostDialog, SaOpenHostInvokeManager, SaOpenHostManagerRunning - SCO Visual Tcl interface for the managing a remote host
SaOpenHostCB - interface for selecting host to manage
SaOpenHostInvokeManager - start manager for managed host
SaOpenHostManagerRunning - checks if application is running locally and managing remote host
SaPrint - SCOadmin interface for printing support
SaPrinter: SaPrintersGet, SaPrinterGetDefault, SaPrinterGetClasses, SaPrinterGetQueues - SCOadmin interfaces for querying the print subsystem
SaPrinterGetClasses - get list of printer classes on host machine
SaPrinterGetDefault - get default printer on host machine
SaPrinterGetQueues - get list of printer queues on host machine
SaPrintersGet - get list of printers on host machine
SaRunLevel: SaRunLevelGet, SaRunLevelIsSingleUser - determine system run level
SaRunLevelGet - returns run level
SaRunLevelIsSingleUser - determines if system is in single user mode
SaScreenPolicy: SaScreenPolicyGet, SaScreenPolicySet - save/restore configurable application variables for SCOadmin clients
SaScreenPolicyGet - get stored user preferences for manager
SaScreenPolicySet - store user preferences for manager
SaSelectHost: SaSelectHostText, SaSelectHostDialog, SaSelectHostGetText, SaSelectHostGetSelection, SaSelectHostGetTextWidget, SaSelectHostGetButtonWidget - SCO Visual Tcl interface for graphical host browsing and selection
SaSelectHostDialog - directly launches dialog for browsing host list
SaSelectHostGetButtonWidget - get user input for host dialog
SaSelectHostGetSelection - get user input for host dialog
SaSelectHostGetText - get user input for host dialog
SaSelectHostGetTextWidget - get user input for host dialog
SaSelectHostText - launches form for selecting host
SaSetFocus - advance focus to specified widget
SaSetFocus: SaSetTabGroups, SaSetFocusList, SaSetFocus - control focus order of SCO Visual Tcl widgets during user traversal of a form
SaSetFocusList - establish sequence of widget focus used for navigation
SaSetTabGroups - configure tab group for a form
SaShortHelp: SaShortHelpCB, SaShortHelpMenuOptions, SaShortHelpSetState, SaShortHelpGetState, SaShortHelpLoad, SaShortHelpStore - SCO Visual Tcl interface for graphical point (short) help
SaShortHelpCB - standard point help interface
SaShortHelpGetState - determine current state of point help
SaShortHelpLoad - load user point help preference
SaShortHelpMenuOptions - attach point help menu options to pulldown menu widget
SaShortHelpSetState - enable/disable point help
SaShortHelpStore - store user point help preference
SaStatusBar - create status bar
SaStatusBar: SaStatusBar, SaStatusBarSet, SaStatusBarClear, SaStatusBarGet - SCO Visual Tcl interface for graphical status bars on forms
SaStatusBarClear - clear status bar
SaStatusBarGet - get text string from status bar
SaStatusBarSet - displays text string in status bar
SaToolbar - create tool bar
SaToolbar: SaToolbar, SaToolbarButtonSetSensitive, SaToolbarGetKeys, SaToolbarMenuOptions, SaToolbarGet, SaToolbarLoad, SaToolbarStore - SCO Visual Tcl interface for graphical toolbars
SaToolbarButtonSetSensitive - stipple button
SaToolbarGet - load variables with current toolbar values for storage
SaToolbarGetKeys - return list of the current set of tool bar keys
SaToolbarLoad - load user tool bar values
SaToolbarMenuOptions - attach standard toolbar menu options to pulldown menu
SaToolbarStore - store user tool bar values
SaTwoList - create a two-list form widget
SaTwoList: SaTwoList, SaTwoListAddItems, SaTwoListDeleteItems, SaTwoListGetItems, SaTwoListSelectItems, SaTwoListGetTabList, SaTwoListSetFocus - SCO Visual Tcl interface for a two-list widget form
SaTwoListAddItems - add items to a two-list
SaTwoListDeleteItems - delete items from a two-list
SaTwoListGetItems - get items from a two-list
SaTwoListGetTabList - return tab traversal sequence
SaTwoListSelectItems - select items from a two-list
SaTwoListSetFocus - set focus in two-list
SaUsers: SaUsersGet, SaGroupsGet, SaGetPwEnts - get data about users and groups on a specified host
SaUsersGet - get list of user names
Stanza - interfaces for managing Stanza files