Manual section 4

a.out - ELF (Executable and Linking Format) files
acct - per-process accounting file format
admin - installation defaults file
aliases - addresses and aliases for sendmail
ar - archive file format
archives - device header file
BIL - Builder Interface Language for the TED Application Builder
boot - boot parameters
boot_vm16fs - boot parameters
bootparams - boot parameter data base
charmap - format for locale character definition file
cofont - console font default file
compver - compatible versions file
copyright - copyright information file
core - core image file
coterm - console terminal default file
createbin - createbin
cron - option file for crontab and at
curses.h - definitions for screen handling and optimisation functions
d_passwd, dialups - secondary security access password
default - /etc/default file list
depend - software dependencies files
Deposit request - save a document to its backing store
dfstab - file containing commands for sharing resources
dir (cdfs) - format of CD-ROM file system (cdfs) directory data structure
dir (s5) - format of s5 directories
dir (ufs) - format of ufs directories
dirent - file system independent directory entry
dtactionfile - define the content of desktop action defini- tion records
dtbmfile - format of X11 bitmap format desktop icon files
dtcm_archive - format of calendar archive file
dtcm_entry - format of calendar/appointment entry
DtDndProtocol - drag and drop matching and transfer proto- cols
dtdpfile - format and location of desktop palette files
dtdtfile - define the format and location of actions and data type database files
dtdtsfile - format and location of desktop data type and action files
dtfile.config - TED File Manager configuration file
dtfpfile - format and locations of front panel configuration files
dthelptagdtd - markup syntax specification for authored TED help information
dthffile - define the format of TED Help Family files
dticonfile - icon conventions for TED icons
dtpmfile - format of X Pixmap (XPM) format desktop icon files
dtresourcesfile - format and location of desktop resource files
dtsdldtd - Semantic Delivery Language (SDL) format and semantics
dtsdlfile - TED runtime help volume files
dtsessionfile - format and location of desktop session files
dtspcdenv - environment Variable File for the TED Subprocess Control Service
dtwmrc - the dtwm Window Manager Resource Description File
dump - boot dump timeout file
Edit request - compose or edit a document
els - els defaults in /etc/default/els
envpaths - paths permitted in environment variables
fc_dptbl - fixed class dispatcher parameter table
fd - file descriptor files
filehdr - file header for common object file (COFF)
filter - format of a packet filter file
forward - sendmail forwarding file
fp_dptbl - fixed priority dispatcher parameter table
fs (bfs) - format of the bfs file system volume
fs (cdfs) - format of a cdfs file system
fs (s5) - format of s5 file system volume
fs (sfs) - format of sfs file system volume
fs (ufs) - format of ufs file system volume
fs_vxfs - fs_vxfs
fspec - format specification in text files
FsTable - File System Table
fstypes - file that registers distributed filesystem packages
fud.conf - fud daemon configuration files
Get_Environment request - get a tool's environment
Get_Geometry request - get a tool's on-screen geometry
Get_Iconified request - get a tool's iconic state
Get_Locale request - get a tool's locale
Get_Mapped request - get whether a tool is mapped to the screen
Get_Modified request - ask whether an entity has been modi- fied
Get_Situation request - get a tool's current working direc- tory
Get_Status request - retrieve a tool's current status
Get_Sysinfo request - get information about a tool's host
Get_XInfo request - get a tool's X11 attributes
group - group file
holidays - accounting file
index - manual page index
inittab - script for init
inode (bfs) - format of a bfs i-node
inode (cdfs) - format of a cdfs inode
inode (s5) - format of an s5 i-node
inode (sfs) - format of an sfs inode
inode (ufs) - format of a ufs inode
inode_vxfs - inode_vxfs
intro - introduction to file formats
Intro - introduction to file formats
ipf - packet filtering kernel interface
ipl - IP packet log device
ipnat - Network Address Translation kernel interface
issue - issue identification file
lid_and_priv - distributed filesystem security database
limits - header file for implementation-specific constants
locale - system default locale
localedef - format for locale specification source file
login - login default file
loginlog - log of failed login attempts
Lower request - lower a tool's window(s) to the back
mail - system-wide mail configuration settings file
Mail request - compose or mail a document
mailcap - metamail capabilities file
maildelivery - mail delivery configuration file
mapchan - format of tty device mapping files
menu - form description file for the menu command
metreg.h - access to kernel metrics information (kernel system information)
mnttab - mounted file system table
Modified notice - an entity has been modified
net.cfg - per-user NetWare configuration database
oldterminfo - SVR4 terminal capability data base
packetfilter - format of a packet filter file
passwd - password file
Pause request - pause a tool, operation or data performance
pkginfo - package characteristics file
pkgmap - package contents description file
plexrec - plexrec
pnch - file format for card images
pppfilter - format of a PPP packet filter file
Print request - print a document
priv - privilege data file
PrivTable - privilege table
proc - process file system
profile - setting up an environment at login time
proto - prototype job file for at
prototype - package information file
pthread - header file for POSIX threads
queuedefs - queue definition file for crontab and at
Quit request - terminate an operation or an entire tool
Raise request - raise a tool's window(s) to the front
Rc - system startup script
Resume request - resume a tool, operation or data perfor- mance
Revert notice - discard any modifications to an entity
Reverted notice - an entity has been reverted
saptypes - NetWare Service Advertising Protocol types
Save notice - save any modifications to an entity
Saved notice - an entity has been saved to persistent storage
sccsfile - format of SCCS file
sched - execution scheduling for POSIX threads
scoadmin - SCOadmin hierarchy contents and format
Sd - kernel module system shutdown script
sdrec - sdrec
semaphore - header file for POSIX thread semaphores - configuration file for sendmail
Set_Environment request - set a tool's environment
Set_Geometry request - set a tool's on-screen geometry
Set_Iconified request - set a tool's iconic state
Set_Locale request - set a tool's locale
Set_Mapped request - set whether a tool is mapped to the screen
Set_Situation request - set a tool's current working direc- tory
setinfo - set characteristics file
setsize - disk space requirements file
shadow - shadow password file
sharetab - shared filesystem table
Signal request - send a (POSIX-style) signal to a tool
space - disk space requirement file
Status notice - a tool has some status information to announce
strftime - language-specific strings for dates and times
su - su options file
swaptab - table of swap devices
tc.index - configuration index file for mass-storage devices
term - terminal capabilities
term.h - terminal capabilities
terminfo - X/Open terminfo file format
thread_trace - trace data files for the threads library
timezone - set default system time zone
Translate request - translate a document from one media type to another
ts_dptbl - time-sharing dispatcher parameter table
tttracefile - script of settings for ToolTalk tracing
ttydefs - file contains terminal line settings information for ttymon
ttysrch - directory search list for ttymap and ttyname
tunefstab - tunefstab
type1/config - X scalable font XLFD name configuration file for pointsizes
unctrl.h - definitions for unctrl
unistd - header file for symbolic constants
utmp, wtmp - user and accounting information
utmpx, wtmpx - extended user and accounting information
vfstab - table of file system defaults
vol_pattern - vol_pattern
volrec - volrec
vxmake - vxmake
whatis - keyword database
workstations - workstations default file