Manual section 5

/etc/ftpusers - FTP access list file
aiocb - Asynchronous I/O Control Block
ascii - map of ASCII character set
audit - include file for audit event mechanism definitions
classes.conf - class configuration file for cups
classpath - Setting the class path
client.conf - client configuration file for cups
config - OpenSSL CONF library configuration files
csa/csa.h - calendar and appointment services definitions
cupsd.conf - server configuration file for cups
Dt/Action.h - action service definitions
Dt/ComboBox.h - DtComboBox widget definitions
Dt/Dnd.h - Drag and drop definitions
Dt/Dt.h - miscellaneous desktop definitions
Dt/Dts.h - data typing definitions
Dt/Editor.h - editor widget definitions
Dt/Help.h - help services definitions
Dt/HelpDialog.h - DtHelpDialog definitions
Dt/HelpQuickD.h - DtHelpQuickDialog definitions
Dt/MenuButton.h - DtMenuButton widget definitions
Dt/Saver.h - screen saver definitions
Dt/Session.h - session management services definitions
Dt/SpinBox.h - DtSpinBox widget definitions
Dt/Term.h - terminal emulator definitions
Dt/Wsm.h - workspace manager definitions
dtactionaction - TED action management actions
dtappaction - TED application management actions
dtbuilderaction - TED application builder actions
dtcalcaction - TED calculator actions
dtcalendaraction - TED calendar and appointment management actions
dtenvvar - TED environment variables
dtfileaction - TED file management actions
dtfilsys - TED file system; directory tree structure
dthelpaction - TED help actions
dticonaction - TED icon editing actions
dtmailaction - TED mail actions
dtmanaction - TED manual page actions
dtprintinfoaction - TED print job actions
dtsessionaction - TED session management actions
DtStdAppFontNames - TED Standard Application Font Names
DtStdInterfaceFontNames - TED Standard Interface Font Names
dtstyleaction - TED style management actions
dtterm - escape sequences recognized by dtterm and the DtTerm widget
dttermaction - TED terminal emulation actions
dttextaction - TED text editing actions
dttrashaction - TED trash management actions
environ - user environment
eucioctl - generic interface to EUC handling tty drivers and modules
fcntl - file control options
fnmatch - filename-matching utilities
font - font description files for troff and dpost
fontsx - miscellaneous information on graphics fonts in UnixWare
gdbinit - GDB initialization scripts
glob - pathname pattern-matching utilities
HOME - home directory
hostname - host name resolution description
iconvh - code set conversion facility
Intro - introduction to miscellany
ipf, ipf.conf, ipf6.conf - IP packet filter rule syntax
ipnat, ipnat.conf - IP NAT file format
ippool, ippool.conf - IP Pool file format
krb5.conf - configuration file for Kerberos 5
ksym - kernel symbol administration
LANG - program locale
langinfo - language information constants
LC_ALL - locale name
LC_COLLATE - collation order
LC_CTYPE - character class
LC_MESSAGES - message database
LC_MONETARY - monetary symbols
LC_NUMERIC - numeric delimiters
ldap.conf, .ldaprc - ldap configuration file
ldif - LDAP Data Interchange Format
login.access - login access control table
lpm - include file for least privilege mechanism
mailto.conf - configuration file for cups email notifier
math - math functions and constants
mime.convs - mime type conversion file for cups
mime.types - mime type description file for cups
mod - module administration
moduli - moduli
monetary.h - monetary formatting utilities
MSGVERB - message formatting
named.conf - configuration file for named
NETPATH - network search path
nl_types - native language data types
NLSPATH - message catalog search path
nsswitch.conf - NSS configuration file
PATH - command search path
png - Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format
printers.conf - printer configuration file for cups
priv - include file for user-level privilege definitions
privilege - include file for privilege mechanism definitions
prof - profile within a function
racoon.conf - racoon.conf
regex.h - regular expression matching utilities
regexp: compile, step, advance - regular expression compile and match routines
rndc.conf - rndc configuration file
rsyncd.conf - configuration file for rsync in daemon mode
sane-abaton - SANE backend for Abaton flatbed scanners
sane-agfafocus - SANE backend for AGFA Focus flatbed scanners
sane-apple - SANE backend for Apple flatbed scanners
sane-dc25 - SANE backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras
sane-dll - SANE dynamic backend loader
sane-dmc - SANE backend for the Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera
sane-epson - SANE backend for EPSON ScanJet scanners
sane-hp - SANE backend for HP ScanJet scanners
sane-microtek - SANE backend for Microtek scanners
sane-microtek2 - SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 command set
sane-mustek - SANE backend for Mustek flatbed scanners
sane-net - SANE network backend
sane-pint - SANE backend for scanners that use the PINT device driver
sane-pnm - SANE PNM image reader pseudo-backend
sane-umax - SANE backend for UMAX scanners
SEV_LEVEL - error message severity levels
SHELL - shell path
sigevent - Signal Event Structure
siginfo - signal generation information
signal - base signals
slapd-bdb - BDB backend to slapd
slapd-bdb, slapd-hdb - Berkeley DB backends to slapd
slapd-dnssrv - DNS SRV referral backend to slapd
slapd-ldap - LDAP backend to slapd
slapd-ldbm - LDBM backend to slapd
slapd-ldif - LDIF backend to slapd
slapd-meta - metadirectory backend
slapd-monitor - Monitor backend to slapd
slapd-null - Null backend to slapd
slapd-passwd - /etc/passwd backend to slapd
slapd-perl - Perl backend to slapd
slapd-relay - relay backend to slapd
slapd-shell - Shell backend to slapd
slapd-sql - SQL backend to slapd
slapd-tcl - Tcl backend to slapd
slapd.access - access configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd.conf - configuration file for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd.plugin - plugin configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd.replog - slapd replication log format
slapo-accesslog - Access Logging overlay
slapo-auditlog - Audit Logging overlay
slapo-chain - chain overlay
slapo-dynlist - Dynamic List overlay
slapo-lastmod - Last Modification overlay
slapo-pcache - proxycache overlay
slapo-ppolicy - Password Policy overlay
slapo-refint - Referential Integrity overlay
slapo-retcode - return code overlay
slapo-rwm - rewrite/remap overlay
slapo-syncprov - Sync Provider overlay
slapo-translucent - Translucent Proxy overlay
slapo-unique - Attribute Uniqueness overlay
slapo-valsort - Value Sorting overlay
snmp.conf - snmp configuration file for cups
ssh_config - ssh_config
sshd_config - sshd_config
stat - data returned by stat and stat64 system call
statvfs - data returned by statvfs and statvfs64 system calls
stdarg - handle variable argument list
subscriptions.conf - subscriptions file for cups
sum - include file for super user privilege mechanism
TERM - terminal type
term - conventional names for terminals
tgmath - type generic math header file
Tt/tttk.h - ToolTalk definitions
types - primitive system data types
TZ - time zone information
ucontext - user context
values - machine-dependent values
varargs - handle variable argument list
wchar - wide-character types
wchar.h - wide-character types
WCOREDUMP - wait status
WEXITSTATUS - wait status
WIFCONTINUED - wait status
WIFEXITED - wait status
WIFSIGNALED - wait status
WIFSTOPPED - wait status
wordexp - word-expansion utilities
wstat - wait status
WSTOPSIG - wait status
WTERMSIG - wait status
x509v3_config - X509 V3 certificate extension configuration format