Manual section 7

adsa - Adaptec AIC-7770 family SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsb - Adaptec PCI Ultra2 SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsc - Adaptec Standard Mode SCSI host adapter subsystem
adse - Adaptec Enhanced Mode SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsl - Adaptec PCI SCSI host adapter subsystem
adss - Adaptec AIC-6x60 family SCSI host adapter subsystem
adst70 - Adaptec 66/33 MHz, 64/32-bit PCI Ultra160 SCSI host adapter subsystem
alp - algorithm pool management module
amd - AMD SCSI host adapter subsystem
asyc - asynchronous serial ports driver
backend - cups backend transmission interfaces
blc - BusLogic SCSI host adapter subsystem
c7xx - Symbios Logic 53c7XX SCSI-2 Host Bus Adapter (obsolete)
c8xx - LSI Logic PCI to SCSI Host Bus Adapter
CHAP - Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
ciss - Compaq Smart Array Controller Driver
clone - open any major/minor device pair on a STREAMS driver
cmtrak - HBA driver for Colorado Memory Trakker 120 and Trakker 250 tape drives
connld - line discipline for unique stream connections
console - console terminal devices
cpqsc - Compaq SCSI host bus adapter
cram - CMOS RAM interface
dak - Mylex DAC960 Array Controller
DCD - Direct-Coupled Disk host adapter Subsystem
des_modes - the variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL
disk - disk device file
display - system console display
dpt - DPT SCSI host adapter subsystem
dynamic_add_memory - driver call for adding dynamic memory
efp2 - Olivetti SCSI host adapter subsystem (obsolete)
fd - floppy disk driver
fdeb - Future Domain 8-Bit SCSI host adapter subsystem (obsolete)
fdsb - Future Domain 16-Bit SCSI host adapter subsystem
filesystem - filesystem organization
filter - cups file conversion filter interface
flashpt - BusLogic FlashPoint SCSI host adapter subsystem
fsf-funding - Funding Free Software
gfdl - GNU Free Documentation License
gpl - GNU General Public License
ictha - Integral Cartridge Tape Host Adapter driver
ida - Compaq Intelligent Drive Array Controllers
ide - Generic IDE/ATAPI controller Subsystem
IDE - Generic IDE/ATAPI controller Subsystem
Intro - introduction to special device files
intro - introduction to special device files
isdn - ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) device support
isdnioctl - ISDN ioctl commands
jpeg - The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software v6b
kbd - generalized string translation module
keyboard - system console keyboard
kmem - perform I/O on kernel memory based on symbol name
ldterm - standard STREAMS terminal line discipline module
lmsi - Phillips LMSI non-SCSI host bus adapter
lo - system name for the loopback interface
lo0 - system name for the first loopback interface
log - interface to STREAMS error logging and event tracing
loop - software loopback network interface
loopback - software mechanism for local communication
lp - parallel port interface
marry - marry driver
mc01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) medium changer target driver
mcis - MCIS SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
mdi - MAC (Media Access Control) Driver Interface
mdiioctl - MDI ioctl commands
mem, kmem - core memory
mfpd - Multifunction Parallel Port Driver
mitsumi - Mitsumi CRMC-LU005S non-SCSI host bus adapter
mouse - mouse device driver for bus, serial, and PS/2 mouse devices
mozplugger - a streaming multimedia plugin for UNIX mozilla
null - the null file
PAP - Password Authentication Protocol
pckt - STREAMS Packet Mode module
poll - low overhead interface to input/output multiplexing
ppp - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and driver
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and driver
pppauth - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) authentication
prf - operating system profiler
ptem - STREAMS pseudo-terminal emulation module
ptosm - I2O pass-through OSM
pty - STREAMS pseudo-terminal driver
qlc1020 - QLogic PCI SCSI host adapter
qlc12160 - QLogic PCI SCSI host adapter
qlc2100 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
qlc2200 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
qlc2300 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
sad - STREAMS Administrative Driver
SATA - AHCI Subsystem
sc01 - CD-ROM Target Driver
sd01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) disk target driver
sdi - Storage Device Interface subsystem
sony - Sony CDU31A, CDU33A and CDU535 non-SCSI host bus adapter
spx - STREAMS bi-directional pipe device
st01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) tape target driver
streamio - STREAMS ioctl commands
sw01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) WORM Target Driver
tape - tape devices
termio - general terminal interface
termiox - extended general terminal interface
ttcompat - V7 and 4BSD STREAMS compatibility module
tty - controlling terminal interface
vtoc - fdisk disk partition and UnixWare slices
vxconfig - vxconfig
vxfsio - vxfsio
vxinfo - vxinfo
vxio - vxio
vxiod - vxiod
vxtrace - vxtrace
wd7000 - WD7000 FASST2 host adapter subsystem (obsolete)
zero - source of zeroes
zl5380 - 5380 compatible SCSI host adaptor subsystem (obsolete)