Manual section D4isdn

Intro - Introduction to structures and data definitions for ISDN
isdn_manufacturer_hdr - ISDN manufacturer header
isdn_msg_hdr - ISDN message header
isdnAddInfo - ISDN additional information structures
isdnB1config - ISDN physical layer and framing parameters configuration structure
isdnB1proto - ISDN physical layer and framing protocol selection parameter
isdnB2config - ISDN data link layer parameters configuration structure
isdnB2proto - ISDN data link layer protocol selection parameter
isdnB3config - ISDN network layer parameters configuration structure
isdnB3proto - ISDN network layer protocol selection parameter
isdnBC - ISDN bearer capability structure
isdnBproto - ISDN protocol selection and configuration structures
isdnCalledAdr - ISDN called party subaddress structure
isdnCalledNbr - ISDN called party number structure
isdnCallingAdr - ISDN calling party subaddress structure
isdnCallingNbr - ISDN calling party number structure
isdnCIPmask - ISDN compatibility information profile mask parameters
isdnCIPvalue - ISDN compatibility information profile value parameters
isdnConnAdr - ISDN connected subaddress structure
isdnConnNbr - ISDN connected number structure
isdnCtrlr - ISDN controller parameter
isdnData - ISDN B3 data pointer
isdnDataHandle - ISDN B3 data handle parameter
isdnDataLen - ISDN B3 data length parameter
isdnFacility - ISDN facility selector parameter
isdnFCP - ISDN facility confirmation parameter structure
isdnFIP - ISDN facility indication parameter structure
isdnFlags - ISDN B3 flags
isdnFRP - ISDN facility request parameter structure
isdnHLC - ISDN high layer compatibility structure
isdnInfo - ISDN status code parameter
isdnInfoEl - ISDN information element structure
isdnInfoMsk - ISDN information mask
isdnInfoNbr - ISDN information number
isdnLLC - ISDN Low Layer Compatibility structure
isdnManuID - ISDN manufacturer's identification
isdnNCCI - ISDN Network Control Connection Information structure
isdnNCPI - ISDN Network Control Protocol Information structure
isdnPLCI - ISDN Physical Link Connection Identifier parameter
isdnReason - ISDN disconnect physical channel reason codes
isdnReason_B3 - ISDN disconnect logical channel reason codes
isdnReject - ISDN rejection codes