Manual section D4pccard

AccessConfigurationRegister - PC card configuration register structure
AddSocketServiceInfo - describes the socket service that added the CardService
AdjustResourceInfo - Structure of system resources available for PC Card clients
CallbackEntry - structure for PC Card callback events
CardServiceInfo - identify number of logical sockets and information about CardServices
CISinfo - zzz
ClientData - information passed to a client
ClientHandle - defines which client to handle
ClientInfo - client information structure
ClientInfo, GetClientInfo - desscribes the client
ConfigurationInfo - information about the specified socket and PC Card configuration
CopyMemoryInfo - describes data read from a PC Card
DataPointer - identify the number of sockets within the socket controller
EraseQueueHandle - structure to define the erase queue
GetClientInfo - describe PC Card client
GetFirstNextClient - information about PC Card client
GetSetEventMask - describe event
Intro - Introduction to PC Card structures
MapMemPage - structure that describes the PC Card memory map
MapSocket - structure to define the PC Card physical adapter and socket values
MapWindow - define the PC Card physical window number and physical adapter
MemoryHandle - describes a PC Card memory area to allocate into a page of a window
MemPage - describes PC Card memory
ModifyConfiguration - describe modification of a socket and PC Card configuration
ModifyWindow - describes PC Card window modifications
MTDHandl - memory technology driver handler
OpenMemory - describe open area of PC Card memory card
Page - describes memory page descriptor
Partition - PC Card partition information
PCCardIOMap - describe PC Card's I/O map
PCCardMemMap - describes mapping of memory for a PC Card
ReadMemory - describe system memory buffer from which data can be read
Region - describes device information for a region of devices on a card.
RegisterClient - describes client information to be registered with CardServices
RegisterMTD - describes MTD to register
RegisterTime - sets tick count for elapsed time for CardServices to call a client
ReleaseConfiguration - describe configuration to be released
RelReqDMA - describe DMA channel assigned to the PC Card configuration
RelReqExclusive - describes exclusive use of card in socket for a client
RelReqIO - describes I/O addresses for 16-bit PC Cards
RelReqIRQ - describe IRQ used by PC Card device
RelReqSocketMask - sets or releases socket mask
RelReqWindow - describe a block of system address space
ReplaceSocketService - describes the socket service to be replaced
RequestConfiguration - describes the socket and PC Card to be configured
ResetFunction - describe the socket and PC Card to be reset
ResourceDMA - describe the DMA resources
ResourceIO - describe the I/O resource
ResourceIRQ - describe the IRQ resource
ResourceMem - describe memory resource
SetRegion - Describes region characteristics
SocketInfo - describe specific information about a socket
SSEntry - Describes the entry point of socket services
Status - Describes the current status
Tuple - element of a CIS to specify capabilities of a PC Card
Window - define area of memory or I/O space for PC Card
WindowHandle - describe the memory windowing mechanism
WriteMemory - control structure for PC Card data write operations