Manual section X3xext

DBE - Double
Intro - introduction to the X Extensions library
MITSundryNonstandard - Set bug compatibility mode between pre-R4 and R5 protocol.
XdbeAllocateBackBufferName - allocates
XdbeBeginIdiom - marks the beginning of a DBE idiom sequence.
XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName - frees a DBE buffer.
XdbeEndIdiom - marks the end of a DBE idiom sequence.
XdbeFreeVisualInfo - frees information returned by XdbeGetVisualInfo().
XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes - returns attributes of a DBE buffer.
XdbeGetVisualInfo - get information about visuals that support double buffering.
XdbeQueryExtension - returns the version of DBE supported by the server.
XdbeSwapBuffers - swaps front and back DBE buffers
Xmbuf - X multibuffering functions
XmbufChangeBufferAttributes - X multibuffering function
XmbufChangeWindowAttributes - X multibuffering function
XmbufCreateBuffers - X multibuffering function
XmbufCreateStereoWindow - X multibuffering function
XmbufDestroyBuffers - X multibuffering function
XmbufDisplayBuffers - X multibuffering function
XmbufGetBufferAttributes - X multibuffering function
XmbufGetScreenInfo - X multibuffering function
XmbufGetVersion - X multibuffering function
XmbufGetWindowAttributes - X multibuffering function
XmbufQueryExtension - X multibuffering function
XMITMiscGetBugMode - Obtain current setting for bug compatibility mode.
XMITMiscQueryExtension - Determine if the extension is present.
XMITMiscSetBugMode - Set bug compatibility mode (on/off).
XShape - X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineMask - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeCombineRectangles - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeCombineRegion - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeCombineShape - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeGetRectangles - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeInputSelected - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeOffsetShape - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeQueryExtension - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeQueryExtents - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeQueryVersion - X nonrectangular shape function
XShapeSelectInput - X nonrectangular shape function
XShm - shared memory extensions
XShmAttach - tells the server to attach to the shared memory segment
XShmCreateImage - creates a shared memory XImage
XShmCreatePixmap - creates a shared memory pixmap
XShmDetach - tells the server to detach from the shared memory segment
XShmGetEventBase - determines event type value
XShmGetImage - reads image data into a shared memory XImage
XShmPixmapFormat - gets the server pixmap data format
XShmPutImage - writes a shared memory XImage into an X drawable
XShmQueryExtension - checks the server for shared memory extensions
XShmQueryVersion - returns version numbers of the extension implementation
XTEST - Test X11 server without user intervention.
XTest - Test server with no user intervention.
XTestCompareCurrentCursorWithWindow - Compare current cursor location.
XTestCompareCursorWithWindow - Compare specified cursor location.
XTestContextOfGC - Invalidate the GC.
XTestDiscard - Test for empty buffer.
XTestFakeButtonEvent - Define and send button request.
XTestFakeDeviceButtonEvent - Define and send button request.
XTestFakeDeviceKeyEvent - Define and send device key request.
XTestFakeDeviceMotionEvent - Define and send pointer request.
XTestFakeInput - Take input actions and process.
XTestFakeKeyEvent - Define and send key request.
XTestFakeMotionEvent - Define and send motion request.
XTestFakeProximityEvent - Define and send proximity request.
XTestFakeRelativeMotionEvent - Define and send motion request.
XTestFlush - Send any remaining input actions to the server.
XTestGetInput - Begin putting user input actions into events.
XTestGrabControl - Set display impervious to test client.
XTestMovePointer - Simulate a pointer move to a specified position.
XTestPressButton - Simulate button press.
XTestPressKey - Simulate key press.
XTestQueryExtension - Query and initialize the extension.
XTestQueryInputSize - Return the number of input actions the server can hold.
XTestReset - Reset server connection to default.
XTestSetVisualIDOfVisual - Invalidate the Visual.
XTestStartSimulation - Start the request process
XTestStopInput - Stop putting user input actions into events.
XTestStopSimulation - End the request process