Manual section X3xlib

AllPlanes - display utility
BitmapBitOrder - indicates whether leftmost bit least or most significant bit in unit
BitmapPad - returns number of bits that each scanline must be padded
BitmapUnit - returns size of bitmap's scanline unit in bits
BlackPixel - returns black pixel value for specified screen
BlackPixelOfScreen - screen information functions and macros
ButtonPress - ButtonPress event structure
ButtonRelease - ButtonRelease event structure
CellsOfScreen - returns number of colormap cells in default colormap of specified screen
ClientWhitePointOfCCC - returns the client white point of the CCC
ConnectionNumber - returns connection number for specified display
DefaultColormap - returns depth of default root window for specified screen
DefaultColormapOfScreen - returns default colormap of specified screen
DefaultDepth - returns default GC for root window of specified screen
DefaultDepthOfScreen - returns default depth of root window of specified screen
DefaultGC - returns default GC for root window of specified screen
DefaultGCOfScreen - returns default GC of specified screen
DefaultRootWindow - returns root window for default screen
DefaultScreen - returns default screen number referenced in XOpenDisplay routine
DefaultScreenOfDisplay - returns default screen of specified display
DefaultVisual - returns default visual type for specified screen
DefaultVisualOfScreen - returns default visual of specified screen
DisplayCells - returns maximum number of entries in default colormap
DisplayHeight - returns height of specified screen in pixels
DisplayHeightMM - returns height of specified screen in millimeters
DisplayOfCCC - Color Conversion Context macros
DisplayOfScreen - returns display of specified screen
DisplayPlanes - returns the depth of root window of specified screen
DisplayString - returns string passed to XOpenDisplay when current window opened
DisplayWidth - returns width of specified screen in pixels
DisplayWidthMM - returns width of specified screen in millimeters
DoesBackingStore - returns indication whether screen supports backing store
DoesSaveUnders - returns Boolean value indicating whether screen supports save unders
EventMaskOfScreen - returns root event mask of root
HeightMMOfScreen - returns height, in millimeters, of specified screen
HeightOfScreen - returns height of specified screen
ImageByteOrder - image format functions and macros
imake - C preprocessor interface to the make utility
Intro - introduction to X Lib library functions and routines
IsCursorKey - keysym classification macros
IsFunctionKey - returns True if specified KeySym is function key
IsKeypadKey - returns True if specified KeySym is keypad key
IsMiscFunctionKey - returns True if specified KeySym is miscellaneous function key
IsModiferKey - returns True if specified KeySym is modifier key
IsPFKey - returns True if specified KeySym is PF key
IsPrivateKeypadKey - returns True if specified KeySym is a vendor-private keypad key.
KeyPress - KeyPress event structure
KeyRelease - KeyRelease event structure
LastKnownRequestProcessed - extracts serial number of last known processed request
lndir - create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
makedepend - create dependencies in makefiles
MaxCmapsOfScreen - returns maximum number of installed colormaps supported by screen
MinCmapsOfScreen - returns minimum number of installed colormaps supported by screen
mkdirhier - makes a directory hierarchy
MotionNotify - MotionNotify event structure
NextRequest - extracts full serial number to be used for next request
PlanesOfScreen - returns number of planes in root window of specified screen
ProtocolRevision - returns minor protocol revision number of X server
ProtocolVersion - returns major version number of X protocol
QLength - returns length of event queue for connected display
RootWindow - returns root window
RootWindowOfScreen - returns root window of specified screen
ScreenCount - returns number of available screens
ScreenNumberOfCCC - returns the screen number of the CCC
ScreenOfDisplay - returns pointer to screen of specified display
ScreenWhitePointOfCCC - returns the screen white point of the CCC
ServerVendor - returns pointer to null-terminated string
VendorRelease - returns number related to vendor's release of X server
VisualOfCCC - returns the visual of the CCC
WhitePixel - returns white pixel value for specified screen
WhitePixelOfScreen - returns white pixel value of specified screen
WidthMMOfScreen - returns width, in millimeters, of specified screen
WidthOfScreen - returns width of specified screen
XActivateScreenSaver - activates screen saver
XAddConnectionWatch - handle Xlib internal connections
XAddHost - control host access and host control structure
XAddHosts - adds specified hosts to access control list
XAddPixel - adds constant value to pixels
XAddToSaveSet - adds specified window to client's save set
XAllocClassHint - allocate class hints structure and set or read a window's WM_CLASS property
XAllocColor - allocate and free colors
XAllocColorCells - allocates read/write color cells
XAllocColorPlanes - allocates color planes
XAllocIconSize - allocate icon size structure and set or read a window's WM_ICON_SIZES property
XAllocNamedColor - looks up named color and returns closest color supported by screen
XAllocSizeHints - allocate size hints structure and set or read a window's WM_NORMAL_HINTS property
XAllocStandardColormap - allocate, set, or read a standard colormap structure
XAllocWMHints - allocate window manager hints structure and set or read a window's WM_HINTS property
XAllowEvents - release queued events
XAnyEvent - generic X event structures
XArc - arc structure
XAutoRepeatOff - turns off auto-repeat for keyboard on specified display
XAutoRepeatOn - turns on auto-repeat for keyboard on specified display
XBaseFontNameListOfFontSet - returns the original base font name list
XBell - rings bell on keyboard on specified display
XButtonEvent - KeyPress, KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, and MotionNotify event structures
XChangeActivePointerGrab - changes grab pointer parameters
XChangeGC - changes graphics context
XChangeKeyboardControl - manipulate keyboard settings and keyboard control structure
XChangeKeyboardMapping - manipulate keyboard encoding and keyboard encoding structure
XChangePointerControl - control pointer
XChangeProperty - changes window properties
XChangeSaveSet - change a client's save set
XChangeWindowAttributes - change window attributes
XChar2b - font structure
XCharStruct - font structure
XCheckIfEvent - checks event queue and copy matched event
XCheckMaskEvent - searches queue and events available for matching specified mask
XCheckTypedEvent - searches queue and events available for matching event
XCheckTypedWindowEvent - searches queue and events available for matching event
XCheckWindowEvent - searches queue and events available for matching event
XCirculateEvent - CirculateNotify event structure
XCirculateRequestEvent - CirculateRequest event structure
XCirculateSubwindows - circulates children of the specified window
XCirculateSubwindowsDown - lowers the highest mapped child of the specified window
XCirculateSubwindowsUp - raises the lowest mapped child of the specified window
XClassHint - class hint structure
XClearArea - clear area or window
XClearWindow - clear window
XClientMessageEvent - ClientMessage event structure
XClipBox - generates smallest rectangle enclosing region
XCloseDisplay - disconnects from X server
XCloseIM - closes the specified input method
XCloseOM - closes the specified output method
XcmsAllocColor - allocate device-independent colors
XcmsAllocNamedColor - allocate a read-only color cell in any format specified
XcmsCCCOfColormap - query and modify CCC of a colormap
XcmsCIELab - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC - obtain the CIE L*a*b* coordinates
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxL - finds the point of maximum lightness (L*) displayable by the screen
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxLC - finds the point of maximum chroma displayable by the screen
XcmsCIELabQueryMinL - finds the point of minimum lightness (L*) displayable by the screen
XcmsCIELuv - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC - obtain the CIE L*u*v* coordinates
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxL - finds the point of maximum lightness (L*) displayable by the screen
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxLC - finds the point of maximum chroma displayable by the screen
XcmsCIELuvQueryMinL - finds the point of minimum lightness (L*) displayable by the screen
XcmsCIEuvY - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsCIExyY - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsCIEXYZ - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsColor - Xcms color structure
XcmsConvertColors - convert CCC color specifications
XcmsCreateCCC - creating and destroying CCCs
XcmsDefaultCCC - obtain the default CCC for a screen
XcmsFreeCCC - frees the memory used for the specified CCC
XcmsLookupColor - looks up the string name of a color
XcmsPad - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsQueryBlack - obtain black, blue, green, red, and white CCC color specifications
XcmsQueryBlue - returns the color specification in the specified target format
XcmsQueryColor - obtain color values
XcmsQueryColors - obtains the RGB values for pixel values in the XcmsColor structure
XcmsQueryGreen - returns the color specification in the specified target format
XcmsQueryRed - returns the color specification in the specified target format
XcmsQueryWhite - returns the color specification in the specified target format
XcmsRGB - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsRGBi - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsSetCCCOfColormap - changes the CCC associated with the specified colormap
XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc - sets the white point adjustment procedure in the specified CCC
XcmsSetWhitePoint - modifying CCC attributes
XcmsStoreColor - set colors
XcmsStoreColors - converts the colors specified into RGB values
XcmsTekHVC - possible formats in the Xcms color structure
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC - obtain the TekHVC coordinates
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxV - given Hue, Value and Chroma's find colors displayable by the screen
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVC - given Hue, Value and Chroma's find colors displayable by the screen
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVSamples - given Hue, Value and Chroma's find colors displayable by the screen
XcmsTekHVCQueryMinV - given Hue, Value and Chroma's find colors displayable by the screen
XColor - color structure
XColormapEvent - ColormapNotify event structure
XConfigureEvent - ConfigureNotify event structure
XConfigureRequestEvent - ConfigureRequest event structure
XConfigureWindow - configure windows and window changes structure
XContextDependentDrawing - true if the font_set might include context-dependent drawing
XContextualDrawing - true if text drawn with the font_set might include context-dependent drawing
XConvertCase - returns the uppercase and lowercase forms of keysyms
XConvertSelection - manipulates window selection
XCopyArea - copy areas
XCopyColormapAndFree - copies colormap
XCopyGC - copies graphics context
XCopyPlane - copy planes
XCreateBitmapFromData - creates bitmap
XCreateColormap - create, copy, or destroy colormaps and color structure
XCreateFontCursor - create cursors
XCreateFontSet - create and free an international text drawing font set
XCreateGC - create or free graphics contexts and graphics context structure
XCreateGlyphCursor - creates glyph cursor
XCreateIC - create, destroy, and obtain the input method of an input context
XCreateImage - image utilities
XCreateOC - create output contexts
XCreatePixmap - create or destroy pixmaps
XCreatePixmapCursor - creates pixmap cursor
XCreatePixmapFromBitmapData - creates pixmap from bitmap data
XCreateRegion - create or destroy regions
XCreateSimpleWindow - creates subwindow
XCreateWindow - create windows and window attributes structure
XCreateWindowEvent - CreateNotify event structure
XCrossingEvent - EnterNotify and LeaveNotify event structure
XDefaultString - returns the default string used by Xlib for text conversion
XDefineCursor - define cursors
XDeleteContext - deletes entry for given window and type
XDeleteModifiermapEntry - deletes KeyCode from control set
XDeleteProperty - deletes window properties
XDestroyIC - destroy the specified IC
XDestroyImage - deallocates image
XDestroyOC - destroy output contexts
XDestroyRegion - destroys region
XDestroySubwindows - destroys subwindows
XDestroyWindow - destroy windows
XDestroyWindowEvent - DestroyNotify event structure
XDirectionalDependentDrawing - true if the drawing functions inplement implicit text directionality
XDisableAccessControl - disables use of access control list
XDisplayKeycodes - returns min-keycodes and max-keycodes
XDisplayMotionBufferSize - returns motion history buffer size
XDisplayName - returns display name
XDisplayOfIM - returns the display associated with the specified input method
XDisplayOfOM - returns the display associated with the specified output method
XDrawArc - draw arcs and arc structure
XDrawArcs - draws arcs
XDrawImageString - draw image text
XDrawImageString16 - draws image text
XDrawLine - draw lines, polygons, and line structure
XDrawLines - draws lines
XDrawPoint - draw points and points structure
XDrawPoints - draws points
XDrawRectangle - draw rectangles and rectangles structure
XDrawRectangles - draws rectangles
XDrawSegments - draws polygons
XDrawString - draw text characters
XDrawString16 - draws text characters
XDrawText - draw polytext text and text drawing structures
XDrawText16 - draws polytext text
XEmptyRegion - determine if regions are empty or equal
XEnableAccessControl - enables use of access control list
XEqualRegion - determines if regions equal
XErrorEvent - X error event structure
XEvent - generic X event structure
XEventsQueued - returns number of events already in event queue
XExposeEvent - Expose event structure
XExtendedMaxRequestSize - determines whether there is support for extended-length protocol encoding
XExtentsOfFontSet - obtain the maximum extents structure for a font set
XFetchBuffer - returns cut buffer's contents
XFetchBytes - returns number of bytes in cut buffer
XFetchName - reads window's WM_NAME property
XFillArc - fills arc
XFillArcs - fills arcs
XFillPolygon - fills polygon
XFillRectangle - fill rectangles, polygons, or arcs
XFillRectangles - fills rectangles
XFilterEvent - filter X events for an input method
XFindContext - associative look-up routine
XFlush - handle output buffer or event queue
XFocusChangeEvent - FocusIn and FocusOut event structure
XFontProp - font structure
XFontSetExtents - XFontSetExtents structure
XFontsOfFontSet - obtain fontset information
XFontStruct - font structure
XForceScreenSaver - activates disabled screen saver
XFree - free client data
XFreeColormap - deletes colormap
XFreeColors - frees colors
XFreeCursor - frees cursor from cursor resource ID
XFreeFont - frees font
XFreeFontInfo - frees font information array
XFreeFontNames - frees font names array
XFreeFontPath - frees font search path
XFreeFontSet - free an international text drawing font set
XFreeGC - destroys graphics context
XFreeModifiermap - frees XModifierKeymap structure
XFreePixmap - destroys pixmap
XFreeStringList - frees memory
XGContextFromGC - obtains GContext from associated graphics context
XGCValues - graphics context structure
XGetAtomName - returns atom names
XGetAtomNames - returns names associated with specified atoms
XGetClassHint - returns class of specified window
XGetCommand - reads window's WM_COMMAND property
XGetErrorDatabaseText - returns message from error message database
XGetErrorText - reads error code description
XGetFontPath - gets font search path
XGetFontProperty - returns value of specified font property
XGetGCValues - returns graphics context components
XGetGeometry - returns root window and current geometry
XGetIconName - reads window's WM_ICON_NAME property
XGetIconSizes - returns icon size
XGetICValues - obtain input context values from the specified input context
XGetImage - transfers image
XGetIMValues - interface for querying properties or features of the specified input method
XGetInputFocus - returns focus window and current focus state
XGetKeyboardControl - returns current keyboard control values
XGetKeyboardMapping - returns KeyCode symbols
XGetModifierMapping - returns pointer to structure containing modifier keys
XGetMotionEvents - returns events in motion history buffer
XGetOCValues - get output context values
XGetOMValues - queries properties or features of the specified output method
XGetPixel - returns pixel from image
XGetPointerControl - reads pointer movement definition
XGetPointerMapping - returns current mapping of pointer
XGetRGBColormaps - reads standard colormap structure
XGetScreenSaver - gets current screen saver values
XGetSelectionOwner - manipulates window selection
XGetSubImage - transfers subimage
XGetTextProperty - reads text property
XGetTransientForHint - reads window's WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property
XGetVisualInfo - obtain visual information and visual structure
XGetWindowAttributes - get current window attribute or geometry and current window attributes structure
XGetWindowProperty - obtain and change window properties
XGetWMClientMachine - reads window's WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property
XGetWMColormapWindows - reads window's WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
XGetWMHints - reads window manager hints
XGetWMIconName - reads window's WM_ICON_NAME property
XGetWMName - reads window's WM_NAME property
XGetWMNormalHints - reads size hints
XGetWMProtocols - reads window's WM_PROTOCOLS property
XGetWMSizeHints - reads size hints
XGrabButton - grab pointer buttons
XGrabKey - grab keyboard keys
XGrabKeyboard - grab the keyboard
XGrabPointer - grab the pointer
XGrabServer - grab the server
XGraphicsExposeEvent - GraphicsExpose and NoExpose event structures
XGravityEvent - GravityNotify event structure
XHostAddress - host control structure
XIconifyWindow - manipulate top-level windows
XIconSize - icon size structure
XIfEvent - check the event queue with a predicate procedure
XIMOfIC - return the input method of the specified IC
XInitImage - initializes internal image routines
XInitThreads - initialize multi-threading support
XInsertModifiermapEntry - adds KeyCode to control set
XInstallColormap - control colormaps
XInternalConnectionNumbers - returns a list of file descriptors for all internal connections
XInternAtom - create or return atom names
XInternAtoms - returns atom identifiers associated with specified names
XIntersectRegion - region arithmetic
XKeyboardControl - keyboard control structure
XKeycodeToKeysym - converts keysyms
XKeyEvent - XKeyEvent event structure
XKeymapEvent - KeymapNotify event structure
XKeysymToKeycode - converts keysyms
XKeysymToString - converts keysyms
XKillClient - forces close-down of client
XListDepths - returns array of depths available on specified screen
XListFonts - obtain or free font names and information
XListFontsWithInfo - lists font names and information
XListHosts - returns current access control list
XListInstalledColormaps - lists currently installed colormaps
XListPixmapFormats - returns array of XPixmapFormatValues
XListProperties - returns pointer to list of window properties
XLoadFont - load or unload fonts and font metric structures
XLoadQueryFont - loads font
XLocaleOfFontSet - returns the name of the locale bound to the specified string
XLocaleOfIM - get the locale of an input method
XLocaleOfOM - returns the locale associated with the specified output method
XLockDisplay - locks out all other threads from using the specified display
XLookupColor - returns color values
XLookupKeysym - handle keyboard input events in Latin-1
XLookupString - translates key event
XLowerWindow - lowers the specified window to the bottom of the stack
XMapEvent - MapNotify and MappingNotify event structures
XMappingEvent - MappingNotify event structure
XMapRaised - maps windows, subwindows and raise to top of stack
XMapRequestEvent - MapRequest event structure
XMapSubwindows - maps subwindows in top-to-bottom stacking order
XMapWindow - map windows
XMaskEvent - searches queue for events associated with specified mask
XMatchVisualInfo - returns visual information
XMaxRequestSize - returns maximum size of a protocol request
XmbDrawImageString - draw image text using a single font set
XmbDrawString - draw text using a single font set
XmbDrawText - draw text using multiple font sets
XmbLookupString - obtain composed input from an input method
XmbResetIC - reset the state of an input context
XmbSetWMProperties - sets window properties for communicating with clients
XmbTextEscapement - obtain the escapement of text
XmbTextExtents - compute text extents
XmbTextListToTextProperty - convert text lists and text property structures
XmbTextPerCharExtents - obtain per-character information for a text string
XmbTextPropertyToTextList - return a list of text strings from the specified text property
xmkmf - create a Makefile from an Imakefile
XModifierKeymap - keyboard encoding structure
XMotionEvent - XMotionEvent event structure
XMoveResizeWindow - changes window size and location
XMoveWindow - moves window
XNewModifiermap - returns pointer to XModifierKeymap
XNextEvent - select events by type
XNoExposeEvent - NoExpose event structure
XNoOp - No Operation
XOffsetRegion - moves region by specified amount
XOMOfOC - return the output method associated with a specified output context
XOpenDisplay - connect or disconnect to X server
XOpenIM - open, close, and obtain input method information
XOpenOM - open output methods
XParseColor - looks up the string name of a color, returns the exact color value
XParseGeometry - parse window geometry
XPeekEvent - returns first event from queue
XPeekIfEvent - checks event queue and return if match found
XPending - returns number of events pending
XPixmapFormatValues - pixmap structure
XPoint - points structure
XPointInRegion - determines if point in region
XPolygonRegion - generate regions
XProcessInternalConnection - processes input available on an internal connection
XPropertyEvent - PropertyNotify event structure
XPutBackEvent - put events back on the queue
XPutImage - transfer images
XPutPixel - overwrites pixel
XQueryBestCursor - returns largest cursor size
XQueryBestSize - determine efficient sizes
XQueryBestStipple - returns best or closest size
XQueryBestTile - returns best or closest size
XQueryColor - obtain color values
XQueryColors - returns color values
XQueryFont - returns font information
XQueryKeymap - returns bit vector for logical state of keyboard
XQueryPointer - get pointer coordinates
XQueryTextExtents - queries text extents
XQueryTextExtents16 - queries text extents
XQueryTree - query window tree information
XRaiseWindow - change window stacking order
XReadBitmapFile - manipulate bitmaps
XReadBitmapFileData - reads and directly returns data from a bitmap
XRebindKeysym - rebinds meaning of Keysym
XRecolorCursor - manipulate cursors
XReconfigureWMWindow - reconfigures window
XRectangle - rectangle structure
XRectInRegion - determines if rectangle in region
XRefreshKeyboardMapping - refreshes stored modifier and keymap information
XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback - registers callbacks to be invoked when new input methods become available
XRemoveConnectionWatch - removes a previously registered connection watch
XRemoveFromSaveSet - removes specified window from client's save set
XRemoveHost - removes specified host from access control list
XRemoveHosts - removes each specified host from access control list
XReparentEvent - ReparentNotify event structure
XReparentWindow - reparent windows
XResetScreenSaver - resets screen saver
XResizeRequestEvent - ResizeRequest event structure
XResizeWindow - resizes window
XResourceManagerString - obtain server resource properties
XRestackWindows - restacks the windows in the order specified
XrmCombineDatabase - merges the contents of one database into another
XrmCombineFileDatabase - merges the contents of a resource file into a database
XrmDestroyDatabase - destroy the specified resource database
XrmEnumerateDatabase - enumerate resource database entries
XrmGetDatabase - returns the database associated with the specified display
XrmGetFileDatabase - retrieve and store resource databases
XrmGetResource - retrieve database resources and search lists
XrmGetStringDatabase - creates a new database and stores it in the specified string
XrmInitialize - initialize the Resource Manager, Resource Manager structures, and parse the command line
XrmLocaleOfDatabase - returns the name of the locale bound to the database
XrmMergeDatabases - merge resource databases
XrmOptionDescRec - Resource Manager structure
XrmOptionKind - Resource Manager structure
XrmParseCommand - parses command line
XrmPermStringToQuark - manipulates resource quarks
XrmPutFileDatabase - stores a copy of the specified database in the specified file
XrmPutLineResource - creates new database and returns pointer
XrmPutResource - store database resources
XrmPutStringResource - creates new database and returns pointer
XrmQGetResource - retrieves database resource
XrmQGetSearchList - returns database search list
XrmQGetSearchResource - searches database for resource
XrmQPutResource - creates new database and returns pointer
XrmQPutStringResource - creates new database and returns pointer
XrmQuarkToString - manipulates resource quarks
XrmSetDatabase - associates the specified database with the specified display
XrmStringToBindingQuarkList - manipulates resource quarks
XrmStringToQuark - manipulates resource quarks
XrmStringToQuarkList - manipulates resource quarks
XrmUniqueQuark - manipulate resource quarks
XrmValue - Resource Manager structure
XRotateBuffers - rotates cut buffers
XRotateWindowProperties - rotates window properties
XSaveContext - associative look-up routines
XScreenNumberOfScreen - returns screen index number of specified screen
XScreenResourceString - returns the SCREEN_RESOURCES property from the root window of the specified screen
XSegment - line structure
XSelectInput - select input events
XSelectionClearEvent - SelectionClear event structure
XSelectionEvent - SelectionNotify event structure
XSelectionRequestEvent - SelectionRequest event structure
XSendEvent - send events and pointer motion history structure
XSetAccessControl - enables or disables use of access control list
XSetAfterFunction - enables or disables synchronization
XSetArcMode - GC convenience routines
XSetBackground - sets background in specified GC
XSetClassHint - sets class hint for specified window
XSetClipMask - sets clip-mask to specified pixmap
XSetClipOrigin - GC convenience routines
XSetClipRectangles - changes clip-mask to specified list of rectangles and set clip origin
XSetCloseDownMode - control clients
XSetCommand - set or read a window's WM_COMMAND property
XSetDashes - sets dash-offset and dash-list attributes for dashed line styles
XSetErrorHandler - default error handlers
XSetFillRule - sets fill-rule in specified GC
XSetFillStyle - GC convenience routines
XSetFont - GC convenience routines
XSetFontPath - set, get, or free the font search path
XSetForeground - sets foreground in specified GC
XSetFunction - sets specified value in specified GC
XSetGraphicsExposure - sets graphics-exposure flag in specified GC
XSetICFocus - set and unset input context focus
XSetIconName - sets window's WM_ICON_NAME property
XSetIconSizes - sets icon size
XSetICValues - set and obtain XIC values
XSetIMValues - sets attributes for the specified input method
XSetInputFocus - control input focus
XSetIOErrorHandler - sets fatal I/O error handler
XSetLineAttributes - GC convenience routines
XSetLocaleModifiers - sets the X modifiers for the current locale setting
XSetModifierMapping - sets KeyCodes of modifiers keys
XSetOCValues - set output context values
XSetOMValues - sets properties or features of the specified output method
XSetPlanemask - sets plane mask in specified GC
XSetPointerMapping - manipulate pointer settings
XSetRegion - sets clip-mask
XSetRGBColormaps - sets standard colormap structure
XSetScreenSaver - manipulate the screen saver
XSetSelectionOwner - manipulate window selection
XSetState - GC convenience routines
XSetStipple - sets stipple in specified GC
XSetSubwindowMode - sets subwindow mode in specified GC
XSetTextProperty - set and read text properties
XSetTile - GC convenience routines
XSetTransientForHint - set or read a window's WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property
XSetTSOrigin - sets tile/stipple origin in specified GC
XSetWindowAttributes - window attributes structure
XSetWindowBackground - sets background of window
XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap - sets background pixmap of window
XSetWindowBorder - sets border of window
XSetWindowBorderPixmap - set border pixmap of window
XSetWindowBorderWidth - sets window border to specified width
XSetWindowColormap - set colormap of window
XSetWMClientMachine - set or read a window's WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property
XSetWMColormapWindows - set or read a window's WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
XSetWMHints - sets window manager hints
XSetWMIconName - set or read a window's WM_ICON_NAME property
XSetWMName - set or read a window's WM_NAME property
XSetWMNormalHints - sets size hints
XSetWMProperties - set standard window properties
XSetWMProtocols - set or read a window's WM__PROTOCOLS property
XSetWMSizeHints - sets size hints
XShrinkRegion - reduces region by specified amount
XSizeHints - size hints structure
XStandardColormap - standard colormap structure
XStoreBuffer - store bytes in cut buffer, provide the buffer to use
XStoreBytes - manipulate cut and paste buffers
XStoreColor - change colormap entries of the pixel values specified in the XColor structure
XStoreColors - set colors
XStoreName - sets window's WM_NAME property
XStoreNamedColor - looks up named color
XStringListToTextProperty - convert string lists and text property structure
XStringToKeysym - convert keysyms
XSubImage - creates new sub image
XSubtractRegion - subtracts srb from sra and stores result in dr_return
XSupportsLocale - determine locale support and configure locale modifiers
XSync - flushes output buffer then waits until all requests received and processed
XSynchronize - enable or disable synchronization
XTextExtents - compute or query text extents
XTextExtents16 - computes text extents
XTextItem - text drawing structure
XTextItem16 - text drawing structure
XTextProperty - text property structure
XTextPropertyToStringList - returns list of strings
XTextWidth - compute text width
XTextWidth16 - computes text width
XTimeCoord - pointer motion history structure
XTranslateCoordinates - translate window coordinates
XUndefineCursor - undoes effect of cursor define
XUngrabButton - releases pointer buttons
XUngrabKey - releases keyboard key
XUngrabKeyboard - releases keyboard
XUngrabPointer - releases pointer
XUngrabServer - releases server
XUninstallColormap - removes colormap
XUnionRectWithRegion - updates destination region
XUnionRegion - computes union of two regions
XUniqueContext - creates unique context type
XUnloadFont - unload font
XUnlockDisplay - allows other threads to use the specified display again
XUnmapEvent - UnmapNotify event structure
XUnmapSubwindows - unmaps subwindows
XUnmapWindow - unmap windows
XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback - unregisters callbacks previousely registered with XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback
XUnsetICFocus - notify an input method that the input context has lost focus
XVaCreateNestedList - allocate a nested variable argument list
XVisibilityEvent - VisibilityNotify event structure
XVisibilityNotifyEvent - VisibilityNotify event structure
XVisualIDFromVisual - returns visual ID
XVisualInfo - visual structure
XWarpPointer - move pointer
XwcDrawImageString - draw image text using a single font set
XwcDrawString - draw text using a single font set
XwcDrawText - draw text using multiple font sets
XwcFreeStringList - function frees memory allocated by XwcTextPropertyToTextList
XwcLookupString - obtain composed input from an input method
XwcResetIC - reset the stat of an input context
XwcTextEscapement - obtain the escapement of text
XwcTextExtents - compute text extents
XwcTextListToTextProperty - set an XTextProperty from a list of null terminated strings
XwcTextPerCharExtents - obtain per-character information for a text string
XwcTextPropertyToTextList - return a list of text strings from the specified text
XWindowAttributes - window attribute structure
XWindowChanges - configures windows and window changes structure
XWindowEvent - searches queue for matching event
XWithdrawWindow - unmaps window
XWMGeometry - combines geometry information specified by the user and by the calling program with size hints
XWMHints - window manager hints structure
XWriteBitmapFile - writes bitmap out to file
XXorRegion - calculates difference between union and intersection of two regions