Manual section X3xmu

Intro - introduction to Xmu library functions and routines
XA_ATOM_PAIR - returns atom
XA_CLASS - returns atom
XA_CLIENT_WINDOW - returns atom
XA_CLIPBOARD - returns atom
XA_COMPOUND_TEXT - returns atom
XA_DECNET_ADDRESS - returns atom
XA_DELETE - returns atom
XA_FILENAME - returns atom
XA_HOSTNAME - returns atom
XA_IP_ADDRESS - returns atom
XA_LENGTH - returns atom
XA_LIST_LENGTH - returns atom
XA_NAME - returns atom
XA_NET_ADDRESS - returns atom
XA_NULL - returns atom
XA_OWNER_OS - returns atom
XA_SPAN - returns atom
XA_TARGETS - returns atom
XA_TEXT - returns atom
XA_TIMESTAMP - returns atom
XA_USER - returns atom
XctCreate - create XctData structure for parsing Compound Text string
XctData - compound text functions
XctFree - free all data associated with XctData structure
XctNextItem - parse next item from Compound Text string
XctReset - reset XctData structure to reparse Compound Text string
XmuAddCloseDisplayHook - add a callback to display
XmuAddInitializer - register procedure
XmuAllStandardColormaps - standard colormaps
XmuAtom - Xmu atom functions and macros
XmuCallInitializers - call procedures registered by XmuAddInitializer
XmuClientWindow - window utility functions
XmuCompareISOLatin1 - compare two Latin-1 strings
XmuConvertStandardSelection - convert standard selection
XmuCopyISOLatin1Lowered - copies Latin-1 uppercase string to lowercase
XmuCopyISOLatin1Uppered - copies Latin-1 lowercase string to uppercase
XmuCreateColormap - create colormap
XmuCreatePixmapFromBitmap - create pixmap from bitmap
XmuCreateStippledPixmap - creates stippled pixmap
XmuCursorNameToIndex - cursor utilities
XmuCvtFunctionToCallback - convert callback procedure to callback list
XmuCvtStringToBackingStore - convert string to backing-store integer
XmuCvtStringToBitmap - convert string to bitmap
XmuCvtStringToColorCursor - convert string to color cursor
XmuCvtStringToCursor - convert string to cursor
XmuCvtStringToGravity - convert string to enumeration value
XmuCvtStringToJustify - convert string to XtJustify value
XmuCvtStringToLong - convert string to integer of type long
XmuCvtStringToOrientation - convert string to XtOrientation enumeration value
XmuCvtStringToShapeStyle - convert string to integer shape style
XmuCvtStringToWidget - convert string to immediate child widget
XmuDeleteStandardColormap - delete standard colormap property
XmuDisplayQueue - display queue structure
XmuDisplayQueueEntry - add display to queue or return entry
XmuDQAddDisplay - add display to queue
XmuDQCreate - create and return empty XmuDisplayQueue
XmuDQDestroy - release memory associated with queue
XmuDQLookupDisplay - return queue entry
XmuDQRemoveDisplay - remove display from queue
XmuDrawLogo - draw X Window System logo
XmuDrawRoundedRectangle - draw rounded rectangle
XmuFillRoundedRectangle - draw filled rounded rectangle
XmuGetAtomName - return name of an Atom
XmuGetColormapAllocation - determine best allocation of colors
XmuGetHostname - host name
XmuInternAtom - return Atom for an AtomPtr
XmuInternStrings - convert list of atom names into Atom values
XmuLocateBitmapFile - locate and return bitmap
XmuLookupAPL - map key event to APL string
XmuLookupArabic - map key event to Latin/Arabic string
XmuLookupCloseDisplayHook - determine if callback installed
XmuLookupCyrillic - map key event to Latin/Cyrillic string
XmuLookupGreek - map key event to Latin/Greek string
XmuLookupHebrew - map key event to Latin/Hebrew string
XmuLookupJISX0201 - map key event to string in JISX0201-1976 encoding
XmuLookupKana - map key event to string
XmuLookupLatin1 - map key event to Latin1 string
XmuLookupLatin2 - map key event to Latin2 string
XmuLookupLatin3 - map key event to Latin3 string
XmuLookupLatin4 - map key event to Latin4 string
XmuLookupStandardColormap - create standard colormap
XmuMakeAtom - create and initialize an opaque object
XmuNameOfAtom - cache atom value
XmuNewCvtStringToWidget - convert string to immediate child widget
XmuPrintDefaultErrorMessage - prints error message
XmuReadBitmapData - read bitmap file description
XmuReadBitmapDataFromFile - read bitmap data from specified file
XmuReleaseStippledPixmap - release stippled pixmap
XmuRemoveCloseDisplayHook - delete callback
XmuReshapeWidget - reshape widget
XmuScreenOfWindow - returns screen of specified window
XmuSimpleErrorHandler - prints error message, with exceptions
XmuStandardColormap - create standard colormap
XmuUpdateMapHints - window utility functions
XmuVisualStandardColormaps - define standard colormap properties for given visual
XmuWnCountOwnedResources - count widget resources
XmuWnFetchResources - obtain widget class resources
XmuWnInitializeNodes - manipulate widget set
XmuWnNameToNode - obtain number of resources owned by widget