Manual section X3xt

Intro - introduction to X Toolkit Intrinsics
XtAddActions - register an action table
XtAddCallback - add and remove callback procedures
XtAddCallbacks - add callback procedures
XtAddConverter - adds a resource converter
XtAddEventHandler - add event handlers
XtAddExposureToRegion - merge exposure events into a region
XtAddGrab - redirect user input to a modal widget
XtAddInput - register input, timeout, and workprocs
XtAddRawEventHandler - add event handlers
XtAddTimeout - Register a timeout
XtAddWorkProc - Register a work procedure
XtAllocateGC - obtain a sharable GC with modifiable fields
XtAppAddActionHook - register an action hook procedure
XtAppAddActions - register an action table
XtAppAddBlockHook - register a block hook procedure
XtAppAddConverter - register resource converter
XtAppAddInput - register or remove an input source
XtAppAddSignal - register and remove a signal source
XtAppAddTimeOut - register timeouts
XtAppAddTimeOut, XtRemoveTimeOut - register and remove timeouts
XtAppAddWorkProc - add background processing procedures
XtAppCreateShell - create top-level widget instance
XtAppError - low-level error handler
XtAppError, XtAppSetErrorHandler, XtAppSetWarningHandler, XtAppWarning - low-level error handlers
XtAppErrorMsg - high-level error handlers
XtAppGetErrorDatabase - return error database
XtAppGetErrorDatabaseText - return error message
XtAppGetExitFlag - tests the exit status of an application context
XtAppGetSelectionTimeout - set and obtain selection timeout values
XtAppInitialize - initialize, open, or close a display
XtAppLock - locks an application context
XtAppMainLoop - query and process events and input
XtAppNextEvent - query and process events and input
XtAppPeekEvent - query and process events and input
XtAppPending - query and process events and input
XtAppProcessEvent - query and process events and input
XtAppReleaseCacheRefs - decrement reference counts for resources
XtAppSetErrorHandler - low-level error handler
XtAppSetErrorMsgHandler - high-level error handler
XtAppSetExitFlag - thread support functions
XtAppSetFallbackResources - set fallback resources
XtAppSetSelectionTimeout - set selection timeout values
XtAppSetTypeConverter - register resource converter
XtAppSetWarningHandler - low-level error handler
XtAppSetWarningMsgHandler - high-level error handler
XtAppUnlock - unlocks an application context
XtAppWarning - low-level error handler
XtAppWarningMsg - high-level error handler
XtAugmentTranslations - manage translation tables
XtBuildEventMask - retrieve a widget's event mask
XtCallAcceptFocus - call a widget's accept_focus procedure
XtCallActionProc - invoke an action procedure directly
XtCallbackExclusive - map a pop-up
XtCallbackNone - map a pop-up
XtCallbackNonexclusive - map a pop-up
XtCallbackPopdown - unmap a pop-up
XtCallCallbackList - calls each callback procedure in the list
XtCallCallbacks - process callbacks
XtCallConverter - call resource converters
XtCalloc - memory management function
XtCancelSelectionRequest - cleans up all queued selection conversion requests
XtChangeManagedSet - performs various functions related to managed sets
XtCheckSubclass - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtClass - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtCloseDisplay - close a display
XtConfigureWidget - move and resize widgets
XtConfigureWidget, XtMoveWidget, XtResizeWidget - move and resize widgets
XtConvert - invoke resource converters
XtConvertAndStore - invoke resource converters
XtConvertCase - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtCreateApplicationContext - create, destroy, and obtain an application context
XtCreateApplicationShell - create top-level widget instance
XtCreateManagedWidget - create widget
XtCreatePopupShell - create a pop-up shell
XtCreateSelectionRequest - bundle multiple selection conversion requests into a single request using MULTIPLE target
XtCreateWidget - create widget
XtCreateWindow - window creation convenience function
XtDatabase - initialize a display
XtDestroyApplicationContext - destroy an application context
XtDestroyWidget - destroy widget
XtDirectConvert - invoke resource converter
XtDisownSelection - set selection owner
XtDispatchEvent - query and process events and input
XtDispatchEventToWidget - scans for the specified widget and calls each handler that has been registered for the specified event type
XtDisplay - obtain window information about a widget
XtDisplayInitialize - initialize, open, or close a display
XtDisplayOfObject - returns the display pointer of the specified object
XtDisplayStringConversionWarning - issue a conversion warning message
XtDisplayToApplicationContext - obtain an application context
XtError - low-level error handlers
XtErrorMsg - high-level error handlers
XtFindFile - search for a file using substitutions in the path list
XtFree - memory management function
XtGetActionKeysym - obtain corresponding keysym
XtGetActionList - obtain class action list
XtGetApplicationNameAndClass - retrieve application name and class
XtGetApplicationResources - obtain application resources
XtGetClassExtension - locate a class extension record
XtGetConstraintResourceList - obtain constraint resource list
XtGetDisplays - retrieve a list of displays associated with an application context
XtGetErrorDatabase - obtain error database
XtGetErrorDatabaseText - obtain error database text
XtGetGC - obtain sharable GC
XtGetKeyboardFocusWidget - extension event handling
XtGetKeysymTable - query keysyms and keycodes
XtGetMultiClickTime - get multi-click times
XtGetResourceList - obtain resource list
XtGetSelectionParameters - retrieve target parameters for a selection request with a single target
XtGetSelectionRequest - retrieve the event that triggered the XtConvertSelectionProc
XtGetSelectionTimeout - set and obtain selection timeout values
XtGetSelectionValue - obtain selection values
XtGetSelectionValueIncremental - obtain selection values
XtGetSelectionValues - obtain selection values
XtGetSelectionValuesIncremental - obtain selection values using a list of target types and a list of client data
XtGetSubresources - obtain subresources or application resources
XtGetSubvalues - obtain widget resources
XtGetValues - obtain widget resources
XtGrabButton - grab a button
XtGrabKey - manage grabs
XtGrabKeyboard - grab the keyboard
XtGrabPointer - grab a pointer
XtHasCallbacks - process callbacks
XtHooksOfDisplay - external agent access points
XtInitialize - initialize
XtInitializeWidgetClass - initialize a widget class
XtInsertEventHandler - insert event handlers
XtInsertEventTypeHandler - extension event handling
XtInsertRawEventHandler - insert raw event handlers
XtInstallAccelerators - managing accelerator tables
XtInstallAllAccelerators - managing accelerator tables
XtIsApplicationShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsComposite - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsConstraint - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsManaged - determines whether a specified widget is managed
XtIsObject - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsOverrideShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsRealized - realize widget
XtIsRectObj - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsSensitive - check a widget's sensitivity state
XtIsSessionShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsSubclass - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsTopLevelShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsTransientShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsVendorShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsWidget - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtIsWMShell - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtKeysymToKeycodeList - query keysyms and keycodes
XtLanguageProc - set locale according to resource specification options
XtLastEventProcessed - last event, last timestamp processed
XtLastTimestampProcessed - last timestamp processed
XtMainLoop - query and process events and input
XtMakeGeometryRequest - make geometry manager request
XtMakeResizeRequest - make geometry manager request
XtMalloc - memory management functions
XtManageChild - manage children
XtManageChildren - manage children
XtMapWidget - map widgets
XtMenuPopdown - unmap a pop-up
XtMenuPopup - map a pop-up
XtMergeArgLists - merge ArgLists
XtMoveWidget - move widgets
XtName - obtain widget's name
XtNameToWidget - translating strings to widgets or widgets to windows
XtNew - memory management function
XtNewString - memory management function
XtNextEvent - query and process events and input
XtNoticeSignal - sends notices to a specified Intrinsics signal handler
XtNumber - determine the number of array elements
XtOffset - determine the byte offset or resource fields
XtOffsetOf - determine the byte offset or resource fields
XtOpenApplication - initialize, open, or close a display
XtOpenDisplay - open a display
XtOverrideTranslations - manage translation tables
XtOwnSelection - set selection owner
XtOwnSelectionIncremental - set selection owner
XtParent - obtain widget's parent widget id
XtParseAcceleratorTable - managing accelerator tables
XtParseTranslationTable - manage translation tables
XtPeekEvent - query and process events and input
XtPending - query and process events and input
XtPopdown - unmap a pop-up
XtPopdown, XtCallbackPopdown, XtMenuPopdown - unmap a pop-up
XtPopup - map a pop-up
XtProcessEvent - query and process events and input
XtProcessLock - lock and unlock process
XtProcessUnlock - unlock a process
XtQueryGeometry - query the preferred geometry of a child widget
XtRealizeWidget - realize widget
XtRealloc - memory management function
XtRegisterCaseConverter - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtRegisterDrawable - register a drawable with the Intrisics event dispatcher
XtRegisterExtensionSelector - registers a procedure to arrange for the delivery of extension events to widgets
XtRegisterGrabAction - register button and key grabs
XtReleaseGC - destroy a sharable GC
XtReleasePropertyAtom - release a property atom
XtRemoveActionHook - removes a specified action hook procedure
XtRemoveAllCallbacks - remove callback procedures
XtRemoveBlockHook - remove a block hook procedure
XtRemoveCallback - remove callback procedures
XtRemoveCallbacks - remove callback procedures
XtRemoveEventHandler - remove event handlers
XtRemoveEventTypeHandler - unregisters an even handler
XtRemoveGrab - redirect user input to a modal widget
XtRemoveInput - remove an input source
XtRemoveRawEventHandler - remove event handlers
XtRemoveSignal - removes a specified Intrinsics signal handler
XtRemoveTimeOut - remove timeouts
XtRemoveWorkProc - remove background processing procedures
XtReservePropertyAtom - maintain a cache of property atoms
XtResizeWidget - resize widgets
XtScreen - obtain window information about a widget
XtScreenDatabase - returns the resource database associated with the specified screen
XtScreenOfObject - returns the screen pointer of the specified object
XtSendSelectionRequest - sends a selection conversion request to the selection owner
XtSessionGetToken - token management for checkpointing
XtSessionReturnToken - indicates the completion of a deferred save operation and returns the checkpoint token
XtSetArg - set and merge ArgLists
XtSetErrorHandler - low-level error handler
XtSetErrorMsgHandler - high-level error handler
XtSetEventDispatcher - registers the event dispatcher procedure
XtSetKeyboardFocus - focus events on a child widget
XtSetKeyTranslator - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtSetLanguageProc - set the language procedure
XtSetMappedWhenManaged - map widgets
XtSetMultiClickTime - set and get multi-click times
XtSetSelectionParameters - specify target parameters for a selection request with a single target
XtSetSelectionTimeout - set selection timeout values
XtSetSensitive - set and check a widget's sensitivity state
XtSetSubvalues - set widget resources
XtSetTypeConverter - registers the specified type converter in the specified single application context
XtSetValues - set widget resources
XtSetWarningHandler - low-level error handler
XtSetWarningMsgHandler - high-level error handler
XtSetWMColormapWindows - Set the value of the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
XtStringConversionWarning - issue a conversion warning message
XtSuperClass - obtain and verify a widget's class
XtToolkitInitialize - initializes the X Toolkit internals
XtToolkitThreadInitialize - initialize the toolkit for multiple threads
XtTranslateCoords - translate widget coordinates
XtTranslateKeycode - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtUngrabButton - ungrab a button
XtUngrabKey - ungrab a key
XtUngrabKeyboard - ungrab the keyboard
XtUngrabPointer - ungrab a pointer
XtUninstallTranslations - manage translation tables
XtUnmanageChild - unmanage children
XtUnmanageChildren - unmanage children
XtUnmapWidget - unmap widgets
XtUnrealizeWidget - unrealize widget
XtVaAppCreateShell - create top-level widget instance
XtVaAppInitialize - initialize, open, or close a display
XtVaCreateArgsList - dynamically allocate a varargs list
XtVaCreateManagedWidget - create widget
XtVaCreatePopupShell - create a pop-up shell
XtVaCreateWidget - create widget
XtVaGetApplicationResources - obtain application resources
XtVaGetSubresources - obtain subresources
XtVaGetSubvalues - obtain widget resources
XtVaGetValues - obtain widget resources
XtVaOpenApplication - initialize, open, or close a display
XtVaSetSubvalues - set widget resources
XtVaSetValues - set widget resources
XtWarning - low-level error handler
XtWarningMsg - high-level error handler
XtWidgetToApplicationContext - create, destroy, and obtain an application context
XtWidgetToWindow - translating widgets to windows
XtWindow - obtain window information about a widget
XtWindowOfObject - returns the window of the specified object