Manual section ntk

bell - Ring a display's bell
bind - Arrange for X events to invoke Tcl scripts
bindtags - Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation
bitmap - Images that display two colors
button - Create and manipulate button widgets
canvas - Create and manipulate canvas widgets
checkbutton - Create and manipulate checkbutton widgets
clipboard - Manipulate Tk clipboard
colors - symbolic color names recognized by Tk _________________________________________________________________
console - Control the console on systems without a real console
cursors - mouse cursors available in Tk _________________________________________________________________
destroy - Destroy one or more windows
entry - Create and manipulate entry widgets
event - Miscellaneous event facilities: define virtual events and generate events
focus - Manage the input focus
font - Create and inspect fonts.
frame - Create and manipulate frame widgets
grab - Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree
grid - Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid
image - Create and manipulate images
keysyms - keysyms recognized by Tk _________________________________________________________________
label - Create and manipulate label widgets
labelframe - Create and manipulate labelframe widgets
listbox - Create and manipulate listbox widgets
loadTk - Load Tk into a safe interpreter.
lower - Change a window's position in the stacking order
menu, tk_menuSetFocus - Create and manipulate menu widgets
menubutton - Create and manipulate menubutton widgets
message - Create and manipulate message widgets
option - Add/retrieve window options to/from the option database
options - Standard options supported by widgets _________________________________________________________________
pack - Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity
pack-old - Obsolete syntax for packer geometry manager
panedwindow - Create and manipulate panedwindow widgets
photo - Full-color images
place - Geometry manager for fixed or rubber-sheet placement
radiobutton - Create and manipulate radiobutton widgets
raise - Change a window's position in the stacking order
scale - Create and manipulate scale widgets
scrollbar - Create and manipulate scrollbar widgets
selection - Manipulate the X selection
send - Execute a command in a different application
spinbox - Create and manipulate spinbox widgets
text, tk_textCopy, tk_textCut, tk_textPaste - Create and manipulate text widgets
tk - Manipulate Tk internal state
tk_chooseColor - pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.
tk_chooseDirectory - pops up a dialog box for the user to select a directory.
tk_dialog - Create modal dialog and wait for response
tk_focusNext, tk_focusPrev, tk_focusFollowsMouse - Utility procedures for managing the input focus.
tk_getOpenFile, tk_getSaveFile - pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
tk_menuBar, tk_bindForTraversal - Obsolete support for menu bars
tk_messageBox - pops up a message window and waits for user response.
tk_optionMenu - Create an option menubutton and its menu
tk_popup - Post a popup menu
tk_setPalette, tk_bisque - Modify the Tk color palette
tkerror - Command invoked to process background errors
tkvars - Variables used or set by Tk _________________________________________________________________
tkwait - Wait for variable to change or window to be destroyed
toplevel - Create and manipulate toplevel widgets
ttk::button - Widget that issues a command when pressed
ttk::checkbutton - On/off widget
ttk::combobox - text field with popdown selection list
ttk::entry - Editable text field widget
ttk::frame - Simple container widget
ttk::intro - Introduction to the Tk theme engine _________________________________________________________________
ttk::label - Display a text string and/or image
ttk::labelframe - Container widget with optional label
ttk::menubutton - Widget that pops down a menu when pressed
ttk::notebook - Multi-paned container widget
ttk::panedwindow - Multi-pane container window
ttk::progressbar - Provide progress feedback
ttk::radiobutton - Mutually exclusive option widget
ttk::scale - Create and manipulate a scale widget
ttk::scrollbar - Control the viewport of a scrollable widget
ttk::separator - Separator bar
ttk::sizegrip - Bottom-right corner resize widget
ttk::spinbox - Selecting text field widget
ttk::style - Manipulate style database
ttk::treeview - hierarchical multicolumn data display widget
ttk::widget - Standard options and commands supported by Tk themed widgets _________________________________________________________________
ttk_image - Define an element based on an image
ttk_vsapi - Define a Microsoft Visual Styles element
winfo - Return window-related information
wm - Communicate with window manager