Open Unix 8 Development Kit

Open Unix 8 Development Kit

The Open UNIX Development Kit, or OUDK, is the software development kit that accompanies the Open UNIX® 8 Release 8.0 product.

The Open UNIX Development Kit is a set of tools, libraries, header files and other files. It can be thought of as having two basic sets of components: compile-time components, those files necessary when you are creating a binary; and run-time components, those files needed by the binary you created when it is loaded and run. The compile-time components are the tools, like the compiler, assembler, optimizer, linker, header files and libraries. Run-time components consist mostly of shared libraries, but also include certain configuration files and tools such as debuggers. Some of these files, like shared libraries, are needed at both compile and run-time. In fact, since the OUDK tools are themselves binaries built by the OUDK, all of the run-time components must be present on the system for the compile-time tools to work.

For further information on the contents of the Development Kit set, refer to the Open UNIX 8 Development Kit Release Notes included on the Development Kit CD-ROM.

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