Release 7.0.0 New Features

New C++ Features

  New to current users of
Feature SCO OpenServer UnixWare
(high-performance) exception handling yes yes
namespaces yes yes
runtime type identification (RTTI) yes yes
new-style casts yes yes
array new/delete, nothrow new yes yes
bool yes yes
wchar_t yes yes
mutable keyword yes yes
static member constants yes yes
default template arguments yes yes
template instantiation directive yes yes
typename keyword yes yes
long long yes yes
NCEG relational operators yes yes
improved compile- and link-time performance yes yes
better debugging (DWARF II, code in headers) yes yes
CC -Tprelink_objects yes yes
iostreams support for:    
- long long yes yes
- signed char yes yes
- bool yes yes
- long double yes no
parts of Standard library Clause 18 (Language Support):    
- dynamic memory management yes yes
- type identification yes yes
- exception handling yes yes
- start/termination part of (exit, atexit, abort) yes yes
all of Standard library Clause 19 (Diagnostics) yes yes
member templates yes yes
template specialization syntax yes yes
for loop variable scope change yes yes
explicit keyword yes yes
extern inline yes yes
full linkage specifications yes yes
Standard Components:    
- time class beyond year 2038 yes yes
- namespaces yes yes
- improved fs memory analysis tool yes yes
partial specialization for class templates yes yes
partial ordering of function templates yes yes
covariant return types yes yes
libC as a dynamic library (.so) yes yes
thread safety in compiler and runtime yes yes
digraphs yes no
operator keywords yes no
language clarifications yes no
new template instantiation yes no
precompiled headers yes no
enhanced asms, pragmas yes no
Pentium and Pentium Pro code generation yes no
Standard Components classes yes no
$ as identifier character option yes yes

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