Open UNIX 8 Release 8.0 New Features

Open UNIX 8 Release 8.0 New Features

The most notable change in the OUDK compared to all previous releases of the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit (UDK) is that the OUDK is intended for use with Open UNIX 8, although it can also be installed and used on UnixWare 7.1.1. This is different from the UDK, which provided for building "universal" binaries that could be run on UnixWare 7, OpenServer 5, and at one time UnixWare 2.

There are two immediate UDK "predecessor" product releases to the OUDK: the UDK Release 7.1.1, which is included in UnixWare 7.1.1 media kit, and the later UDK Release 7.1.1b Feature Supplement, which is available for download from the Caldera web download site.

Compared to UDK 7.1.1b Feature Supplement, the OUDK contains no new features, but does contain a number of bug fixes.

Compared to UDK 7.1.1, the OUDK contains many new features (that is, those that were in the UDK 7.1.1b Feature Supplement). These are:

The only items from the ISO/IEC 14882:1998 C++ standard not implemented in this release of the OUDK are: two-phase name binding in templates, partial specialization of a class member template outside of the class definition, the export keyword for templates, placement delete, function-try-blocks, and support for multibyte characters in source.

The only items from the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 C standard not implemented in this release of the OUDK are: variable-length arrays, complex and imaginary numbers, and some minor variances in the snprintf(3S) function and in some header name space issues. Since this release of the OUDK is not fully C99 conformant, the cc -Xc option retains its conformance checking to the older C standards.

See the cc(1) and CC(1C++) man pages for full details on items from the standards not implemented.

Finally, be aware that the new C keyword inline will only be effective in inlining calls to the function it is specified for, when the cc -O option is used.

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