Release 7.0.0 new features


Login to the desktop is via dtlogin. This interface includes an options menu that allows you to select the language for the desktop, and the specific desktop that you want to start. The options include the CDE, X11R6 panning, and X11R6 failsafe desktops.

dtlogin replaces scologin.

Tarantella is the first Application Broker for network computing. With Tarantella, users can access any existing or new application from any Java technology-enabled client, without the need to install any software on the client device. When applied to large numbers of users, Tarantella drastically reduces the time to deliver applications, allows more users to access the applications and allows administrators to centrally manage users and applications. Tarantella sits between the application and the client and allows system administrators to match applications with users from a web-based set of administration tools. The users' view of these applications is in the context of a portable ``webtop'' -- a personal web-based area from which the user can launch and use their applications.

This means that with zero-disruption to the application itself, any application can be immediately made available -- or published -- to any client device, putting the concept of application deployment firmly in the past.

A unique Adaptive Internet Protocol operates between the Tarantella Application Broker and the clients. It dynamically decides what is sent down to the client depending on the available bandwidth and the capability of the client.

So, far from adding to the burden on the network, Tarantella's approach to Network Computing actually optimizes network performance.

A desktop for UnixWare based on CDE 1.0 is available.

Both the SCO UnixWare 1 and 2 Destiny desktop and the SCO OpenServer xdt3 desktop have been removed. See the help available on the desktop for details.

The CDE desktop provides equivalent functionality to both legacy desktops in most areas.

For information about enhancements to SCOhelp, see ``Documentation and SCOhelp''.

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