Release 7.1 new features


8 network adaptor support
Up to 8 network adaptors are now supported on a single system.

Support for large number of SDI devices
The Storage Device Interface (SDI) subsystem now supports up to 2^124 devices, broken down as follows: up to 2^31 Host Bus Adapter (HBA) controllers, each controller with up to 2^31 buses, each bus with up to 2^31 targets, and each target with up to 2^31 Logical Unit Numbers (LUN). While the HBA driver interface is unchanged, applications can now access these devices using a new, simpler, more functional, and easier to maintain SCSI pass-through interface, while still being able to address the entire SDI device address space. See pt_open(3X).

HBA driver supplement
Increased hardware support is offered using new and revised drivers. This allows vendors to move to DDI8/SDI4 to take advantage of existing UnixWare 7 capabilities such as PCI Hot Plug & large physical memory as well as new capabilities being introduced in Release 7.1 such as a large number of HBAs.

For a list of hardware supported by the current HBA drivers, see /info/hardware/hba.txt on the Updates CD-ROM.

Driver updates
Audio drivers have been fixed and updated to support new hardware for Release 7.1. These changes include enhancements to Audio Configuration Manager, PnP Configuration Manager, PnP driver, SCOsound audio play/record client and other improvements to the audio package functionality.

Video drivers have been fixed and updated, including driver fixes and optimizations, driver and grafinfo updates and new drivers to support new hardware, autodetection and packaging fixes and other improvements to the graphics driver package functionality.

The updated audio and xdrivers packages are installed from the second (Updates) CD-ROM during initial system load or system upgrade.

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UnixWare 7 Release 7.1.4 - 22 April 2004