Release 7.1 new features

Internet and Intranet

Communicator 4.08
The Release 7.1 SCOhelp browser is Netscape Communicator(TM). This browser includes full Netscape Communicator functionality, including Netscape Navigator(TM) for finding and viewing information on the World Wide Web; Netscape Messenger(TM) for sending and receiving email; Netscape Collabra(TM) for participating in newsgroups and discussion groups; Netscape Composer(TM) for creating and publishing your own web pages; Netscape Conference for collaborating ``live'' with another colleague anywhere in the world; and Netscape Netcaster(TM), which automatically delivers and updates web sites directly to your desktop.

Java support
UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 provides the Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK), which includes a Java runtime environment. To run Java applications, enter:

/usr/java/bin/jre java_application

The jre command invokes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute Java bytecode. The same JVM is invoked by the java command, which includes additional development options.

To run Java applets without having to run Netscape or other Internet browsers, enter:

/usr/java/bin/appletviewer java_applet.html

See the jre(1), java(1), and appletviewer(1) manual pages for more information about Java runtime commands.

JDK Release 1.1.7 provides the following improvements over JDK 1.1.3u:

For more information, see the JDK Release Notes (jdknotes.htm) in the /info/java_dk directory of your distribution media and the Java Technologies home page.

NOTE: Because of licensing changes, the just-in-time (JIT) compiler previously provided with Java Workshop and Java Studio is no longer available.

RealNetworks products
RealNetworks(TM) software (including servers, encoders, and players) provides a complete solution for streaming media and allows Internet or intranet users to easily access multimedia content in real time. RealNetworks products are provided on the Optional Services CD-ROM. For more information, see /info/realnet/relnotes/ on that CD-ROM.

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