Release 7.1.1 new features

Internet and Intranet

RealNetworks RealServer G2
RealNetworks(TM) RealServer(TM) G2 replaces RealServer 5.0 as the SCO streaming media server. It is based on a new streaming media architecture that affords greater extensibility and interoperability with third-party solutions. RealServer G2 is fully compatible with RealServer 3.0 through 5.0. RealNetworks products are provided on the Optional Services CD-ROM. For more information, see /info/realnet/relnotes/ on that CD-ROM.

Communicator 4.61
The Release 7.1.1 SCOhelp browser is Netscape Communicator 4.61. Netscape Communicator is a comprehensive set of Internet and intranet components that integrates email and HTML editing with the Netscape Navigator(TM) WWW browser. Netscape Communicator allows users to easily communicate, share, and access information using the latest Internet technologies. Netscape products are provided on the Updates CD-ROM. For more information, see /info/realnet/relnotes/ on that CD-ROM.

Netscape and SCO no longer provide the ``Introduction to Communicator'' book as part of the Communicator(TM) release. Instead, use the browser's NetHelp feature to access information about Communicator; see also the Netscape Communicator Library.

Several references to this topic might still exist in the SCOhelp documentation set. These references are obsolete and will be removed in a future release.

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