Release 7.1.1 new features

New Mail Manager feature and documentation

New functionality has been added to the Mail Manager that allows you to manage the POP server inactivity timeout. The documentation shown here, describing this new functionality, will be moved into the Mail and Messaging documentation in a future release, in the section Configuring Mail and Messaging -> The Mail Manager -> Managing folder configuration -> Managing POP Server Inactivity Timeout.

The POP (Post Office Protocol) server will automatically log out a client if it is inactive for a period of time. Use this option to configure this interval in seconds. If the POP server has not received any command from the client during this interval, then the server closes the TCP connection without removing any messages or sending any response to the client.

RFC 1939 stipulates this timeout should be at least 600 seconds (10 minutes), which is the default value for the timeout. However, in the event that a client disconnects without notifying the server, the TCP connection will be left open on the server side, and will not be closed until this timeout has passed. Subsequent tries to connect to the POP server before the timeout has occurred will fail with the following error:

-ERR Can't get lock. Try again later.

If you see the above error message, you may want to lower the duration of the timeout. While this does not prevent the problem, it will shorten the time that users will have to wait to open a new connection and access their mailbox.

To change the POP server inactivity timeout in the Mail Manager:

  1. Double click the ``POP Server Inactivity Timeout'' entry.

  2. Enter a number between 5 and 1800, inclusive. This value is in seconds.

  3. Click on OK to return to the main screen.

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