Performing basic system monitoring and tuning

Using the Processor Manager

If you have a multi-processor system you can use the Processor Manager to switch processors on and off, and to see additional information about each processor. It is accessible from the Hardware folder of the scoadmin(1M) launcher, or by entering scoadmin processor on the command line.

NOTE: The Processor Manager is not present unless you have installed a license for multiple processors.

NOTE: You can administer processors on remote machines using the Host -> Open Host menu selection of the Processor Manager. See ``Managing host groups'' for more information.

To switch a processor on or off, click the name of the processor to highlight it, then select Action -> Start/Stop. This toggles the processor on if it was off, or off if it was on.

Multiple processors can be taken on or off line at the same time. In a graphical environment:

  1. Hold down <Ctrl> and click the name of the processors you want to take on or off line.

  2. Select Action -> Start/Stop.
In character mode:

  1. Select the processors from the list by pressing <Enter>. A * character appears by each selected processor.

  2. Select Action -> Start/Stop.

To view the additional processor information, highlight the processor, then select Action -> Properties. See psrinfo(1M) for details about the processor information displayed.

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