Installing, managing, and removing software

Using the Application Installer

The Application Installer is the preferred method to install, remove, and check the properties of UnixWare applications and application sets, including third-party applications.

The Application Installer handles most basic software management tasks, allowing you to avoid the complexity of the underlying commands.

Start the Application Installer in one of these ways:

The Application Installer catalogs all the applications you currently have installed on your system and displays them in the bottom part of the window. Applications contained on removable media (such as disk, CD-ROM, and tape) are cataloged and shown on the top part of the window.

An application set consists of several application packages and is represented by an icon consisting of two boxes and a disk. A single application package is represented by a single box and disk. Note the red ribbon around the box(es); if it is cut, this indicates that the set or package is installed.

From this window, you can install UnixWare system applications and application sets from disk, cartridge tape, CD-ROM, or a remote system. You can also remove installed applications or application sets, check properties from this window, or copy application icons into folders.

You can change the display to show only system or add-on packages by selecting the desired Applications to Show radio button:

Click to view applications that are not part of the operating system.

Click to display basic UnixWare system software.

Click to view both Add-On and System software.

You can also modify the view of selected applications.

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