Administering filesystems

Adding and removing mount configuration

Once a filesystem has been created (on the hard disk, floppy disk, or CD-ROM) or exported from a remote server, you must add the mount information to the system so that you can then mount and use the filesystem.

To add filesystem mount information, in the Filesystem Manager:

  1. Select Mount -> Add Mount Configuration then select Local or Remote.

  2. Select the appropriate filesystem:

    Select the filesystem device file from the pop-up list on the local system. If the device file does not appear in the list, enter the correct device in the ``Device File'' field.

    Select the ``Remote Filesystem Type''. Choose the ``Remote Host'' and ``Remote Directory'' by entering the names or using the Select buttons.

  3. Specify the filesystem parameters. See ``Modifying filesystem mount configuration''.
This adds the filesystem mount configuration to the /etc/vfstab file and adds the filesystem to the Filesystem Manager list.

NOTE: Remote administration (using the Host -> Open Host selection) requires remote access permission on the machine you plan to administer. The remote machine must recognize the account being used to administer users on the local machine. See ``Setting remote access for a user'' for more information. As on the local machine, non-root accounts require the Administer Filesystems authorization to run the Filesystem Manager. See ``Assigning authorizations'' for more information.

If you selected ``Now'' to mount the filesystem immediately, the Mount icon appears to the left of the filesystem name indicating that the filesystem is mounted.

To remove the mount configuration for a filesystem, select Mount -> Remove Mount Configuration and click on Yes at the prompt.

This removes the mount information from the /etc/vfstab file and the filesystem no longer appears in the Filesystem Manager list. If the filesystem is mounted, removing the mount configuration also unmounts the filesystem.

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