Configuring Plug and Play devices

Troubleshooting adapter configuration

The following list of possible error messages describes common causes and workarounds.

No ISA PnP adapters detected

Cause: The manager did not detect an ISA PnP adapter in your system, either because no adapters are physically present or a physically present adapter is not jumpered into ISA PnP mode.

Solution: Shut down your system, then ensure that the cards present are seated correctly and jumpered (if necessary) to support ISA PnP mode.

Verification of HW settings failed

Cause: The settings you specified could not be verified against the settings that have been detected on the adapter. Faulty hardware is the most likely cause.

Solution: Try one or all of the following:

View only mode

Cause: Only the root user is authorized to change resources within the PnP Configuration Manager.

Solution: Exit the manager, log in to the system as root, and restart the manager.

Problem running /sbin/isapnpslot

Cause: This command is run automatically by the manager to extract ISA Plug and Play information about the system. Its failure could be caused by a corrupt binary, incorrect permissions, or a disabled or missing PnP driver. This is an unusual problem.

Solution: Verify the integrity of the binary and that the PnP driver is correctly installed.

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