Administering your system with SCOadmin

SCOadmin will not start

If the SCOadmin launcher or a SCOadmin manager fails to start after a reasonable length of time, there may be a problem with the SCO Visual Tcl daemon process used to run SCOadmin:

  1. Enter this command to determine the process number:

    ps -ae | grep vtcld

    You see output similar to this:

       571   ttyp0    00:00:00 xm_vtcld

    NOTE: You can also use the Process Manager to view and kill processes. See ``Controlling processes with the Process Manager'' for more information.

    In this case, the daemon is process number 571. (In character mode, the process is named cm_vtcld.)

  2. Kill the daemon process with this command, substituting the actual process number for number:

    kill -9 number

  3. If the process does not appear to be running, check the /tmp directory for temporary files left there by SCO Visual Tcl daemons. First, SCOadmin character sessions leave files of the format ch_PID.UID (PID is the process ID number and UID is the user ID number), for example ch_8132.0. Graphical sessions can leave similar files of the format PID.UID. If there are a large number of these files present, remove them and try running SCOadmin again.

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