Performing basic system monitoring and tuning

Using the Login Session Viewer or the who command

Before taking any action that would affect a system user, see who is logged on to the system. You can use the SCOadmin Login Session Viewer to display a a list of users logged on to a selected host, along with the ID, terminal number, and login time of each user. You can access this utility by selecting Login Session Viewer from the scoadmin(1M) launcher, or by entering scoadmin system login on the command line.

To view more detailed information, choose a user name and select Who -> Examine. The output displayed is from the finger(1tcp) command and includes the user's real name (if available) and the time of their last login.

To obtain a list of users currently logged on from the command line, enter:

who -H

Output from this command typically looks like this:

   NAME       LINE         TIME
   root       console      Aug 31 08:32
   opns       term/13      Aug 30 21:28
   mrdh       term/12      Aug 31 09:43
The who(1) command includes the -a option, which shows all available information about users. For a complete listing and details about each option, see who(1).
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