Installing, managing, and removing software

Staging products and packages on an install server

An install server can also be configured to serve the entire UnixWare system, or to serve individual packages. Those packages can then be installed by following the instructions in ``Installing software (Application Installer)''.

To add packages or the UnixWare system to your install server:

  1. Start the Install Server by entering /usr/X/bin/Install_Server at a graphical terminal (xterm) prompt.

  2. Select Actions -> Disable .

  3. If the product or package(s) you want to load onto the install server are provided on media (CD-ROM, cartridge tape, or disk), insert the media.

  4. From the Packages menu:

    The Load Package window is displayed.

    NOTE: The ``Language'' field is displayed when staging UnixWare on your install server. This field is not displayed when staging individual packages.

  5. Choose an item from the Access Package From menu to specify the location of the product or package you are copying.

    Depending on the hardware configured on your system, some or all of the following choices are displayed:

    For example, if your system does not have a CD-ROM drive, CD-ROM Drive 1 and CD-ROM Drive 2 are not displayed.

  6. If you choose Another Install Server, a field is displayed prompting for the name of the other install server. Enter the name of the other server.

    The products and/or packages that are available for staging on your install server are displayed.

  7. If you are staging UnixWare, choose the language from the Language menu:

  8. Click on the product or package to stage.

  9. Select whether to copy or mount the product/package:

  10. Set up the install server by clicking on OK. To redo your selections, click on Reset or click on Cancel to exit this menu without staging the software on your install server.

  11. Select Actions -> Enable .

  12. Select Actions -> Exit .

The software you staged can now be installed from another UnixWare system, following the procedure shown in ``Installing software (Application Installer)''.

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