Administering user accounts

Changing user home directories

You can change home directories with the Account Manager at account creation time, or by selecting the user name and Users -> Modify. Use the Change Home Directory button to display the home directory options:

Home Directory or Home Directory Base Path
allows you to enter the home directory name. When changing user defaults, the base path is the directory where all home directories will reside (example: /home).

Home Directory Permissions
allows other users in the same group or any others to access the user's home directory. This option is only available when creating a new directory or modifying the default location of user directories using the Home Directory Options button.

Create Home Directory
adds the new home directory to the system. Deselect this option to use an existing directory.
This option is the only one available when modifying a home directory:

Move Files from Old Home Directory
moves all the user's existing files to the new home directory.

To change the system default location, select Options -> User Defaults.

WARNING: Changing default values may compromise systemwide security parameters set by the SCOadmin Security Manager.

NOTE: Changing the system default location for home directories does not move existing accounts; only new accounts are placed in the new location.

The SCOadmin Account Manager may create new user accounts with home directory permissions that differ from those specified in /etc/default/useradd. Use Options -> User Defaults to set the desired permissions.

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