Using the HDK documentation set

Using the HDK documentation set

The HDK documentation set is structured to support customers with different levels of driver development experience, with multiple ways of accessing the information that is included.

For a general introduction to device drivers and how to implement them
See ``Device driver overview''.

If you are particularly interested in understanding the SVR5 DDI 8 interface, see the detailed code commentary for a sample DDI 8 driver in ``DDI: 8 sample driver''.

For summary information about a particular feature with cross-references to more detailed information
See HDK Technical Reference. HDK Technical Reference is a set of free-standing articles on various topics of interest to driver developers. The left frame lists the topics alphabetically, while the right frame groups the articals topically. Each article gives summary information about the subject with hotlinks to other places in the documentation set that provides more details.

You can also use the SEARCH button under the right frame to search for information about a specific subject. Note that the SEARCH capability is not supported when viewing the documentation directly from the HDK CD-ROM.

For information about the new driver features for SVR5
See ``New driver features in DDI 8 and SVR5''.

For a checklist of practices that improve driver quality on SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5
``Guidelines for all kernel drivers''

For information about porting drivers to SVR5
See ``Porting drivers to DDI 8''.

For information about testing and debugging drivers on SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5 systems
See ``Driver testing and debugging''

For technical articles about developing drivers on SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5 systems
See .

For guide information about specific interfaces and device types
Click on the interface link in the left frame of the main SVR5 or SCO OpenServer 5 HDK homepage:

DDI (SVR5 kernel driver interface)
Developing DDI kernel drivers

ODDI (SCO OpenServer 5 kernel driver interface)
Developing SCO OpenServer 5 kernel drivers

MDI (SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5 network driver interface)
Developing MDI network adapter drivers

SDI (SVR5 mass storage driver interface)
Developing SDI storage drivers

OSDI (SCO OpenServer 5 mass storage driver interface)
Developing SCO OpenServer 5 SCSI drivers

STREAMS (SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5 STREAMS interface)
Developing STREAMS modules and drivers

For detailed information about entry point routines, kernel functions, and kernel structures
See the appropriate manual pages. ``HDK manual page sections'' provides a full listing of all HDK manual page sections, with a grid that shows the types of information that are available for each interface.

The manual pages for each interface are listed in the right frame when you click on the topic for that interface type. When the HDK documentation is installed on your system, these manual pages can also be accessed with the man command on SVR5 systems or the hdkman command on SCO OpenServer 5 systems.

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