Testing and debugging HBA drivers

Individual test descriptions

The following sections describe each of the hbacert tests, and provide pointers to the test information that resides in the test directories in ASCII files.

HBA certification tests summary

All required parameters for these tests are set through the run_tests command's Configure tests menu selection unless otherwise noted in the table. Other parameters may be set in the given Configuration file, though this is usually not necessary.

The name in the Test column is linked to the README file for the test.

NOTE: In order to view the files that appear as links in the table below, you must:

If you installed the hbacert package using another user name (e.g., othername), the links in the table below will not work; the files will be located instead under the home directory for the user name you selected during installation. For example, /home/hbacert/testsuites/cdrom/tetexec.cfg would instead be located under /home/othername/testsuites/cdrom/tetexec.cfg, and similarly for the other files in the table. In this case, you will need to view the files using your browser's file: protocol (as in: file:/home/othername/testsuites/cdrom/tetexec.cfg), or using some other method (such as an ASCII editor in a shell window or at the system console).

HBA certification tests summary table

Test Prerequisites Configuration Assertions Notes
cdrom ``CDROM test prerequisites'' cdrom/tetexec.cfg cdrom/doc/cdrom_assertions ``cdrom test notes''
fdd ``Floppy disk test prerequisites'' fdd/tetexec.cfg fdd/doc/fdd_assertions ``floppy disk test notes''
hd ``Hard disk test prerequisites'' hd/tetexec.cfg hd/doc/hd_assertions ``Hard disk test notes''
mtest ``Manual test prerequisites'' mtest/tetexec.cfg mtest/doc/MANUAL.AS.1.0 ``Manual test notes''
pdiext ``SDI extensions test prerequisites'' pdiext/tetexec.cfg pdiext/doc/pdiext.assertions  
tape ``Tape test prerequisites'' tape/tetexec.cfg tape/doc/tape_assertions  
precert ``Precertification test prerequisites'' See Notes See Notes ``Precertification test notes''

common test directory

The testsuites/common directory (installed by default under /home/hbacert) contains tools and utilities that are required by all other hbacert tests. This includes the ETET (Extended Test Environment Toolkit) test environment and tools used to configure and run the tests.

Under most circumstances, you should not make any changes to the files in this directory.

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