Using the Device Configuration Utility (DCU)

Viewing or changing device driver configuration

The system automatically determines the hardware settings for EISA, MCA and PCI hardware controllers, but ISA hardware controllers cannot be detected automatically. You can use the DCU to specify hardware settings that are not detected automatically. We suggest that you run the DCU whenever you add new hardware controllers to check whether the device drivers are properly configured.

NOTE: For a current list of device drivers and supported hardware see ``Accessing the SCO Compatible Hardware Web Pages''.

  1. Use the following table to decide which option to select from the DCU Main Menu:

    If Then
    You want to view the hardware controllers currently configured on your system and/or change their device driver parameter settings (IRQ, memory address range, I/O address range, and DMA channel) for existing devices. You might also want to delete or disable a controller. Select Hardware Device Configuration. Follow the instructions in ``Viewing or updating hardware device configuration''.
    You want to view the device drivers on your system and/or add a new instance of an ISA controller to your current configuration. Select Software Device Drivers. Follow the instructions in ``Viewing and activating software device drivers''.

  2. Decide whether to apply your device driver configuration changes.

    Configuration changes do not take effect until they are applied.

    1. To apply the configuration changes, select Apply Changes & Exit DCU from the DCU main menu.

      The configuration of your system is then updated to reflect the changes you specified.

    2. To end the DCU session without updating your system configuration, select Exit DCU and Cancel Changes from the DCU main menu.

  3. If you applied new device driver configuration updates you may be required to reload the driver or reboot the system before the changes will take effect.

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