Mouse administration

Adding a mouse device

Follow this procedure to add a mouse device:

NOTE: If a mouse is already installed, you must remove it before installing a different type of mouse. See ``Removing a mouse device''.

  1. Log in as root.

  2. At the system prompt, type mouseadmin.

  3. Refer to the user's manual for your mouse device to determine which type of mouse you have.

    The system displays a menu with the following choices:

       Select one of the following:
       B) Bus mouse add
       P) PS2 mouse add
       S) Serial mouse add
       T) Test your mouse configuration
       R) Remove a mouse
       U) Update mouse configuration and quit
       E) Exit (no update)
       Enter selection:

  4. Select the appropriate menu item (by typing the letter and pressing <Enter>).

    CAUTION: Select PS2 or bus mouse only if the hardware actually exists and has been installed. (PS2 is the selection to make for any keyboard type mouse.) Selections will not be verified at this time.

    If you select ``B'' for bus mouse, and your system did not previously have a bus mouse connected, you will receive the following message.

       Enter the interrupt to be used for the bus mouse
       or strike the ENTER key to return to the main menu.

    Interrupt (i.e., 2, 5, etc.):

    The system displays a table showing that the driver has been configured to add a bus mouse to the console with the following message:

       The following terminals have mice assigned:
       Display Terminal        Mouse Device
       console                 Bus Mouse

    If you select ``S'' for serial mouse, you receive the following message:

       Enter the display terminal that will be using the mouse,
       or strike the ENTER key to return to the main menu.

    Display terminal (i.e., console, tty00, tty01, etc.):

  5. If you are assigning a mouse to the system console, type console and press <Enter>.

    The system returns with the following message:

       Enter the device that the mouse will be attached to,
       or strike the ENTER key to return to the main menu.

    Mouse device (i.e., tty00, tty01):

    Enter the serial port the mouse is attached to and press <Enter>.

  6. The system displays the following question:
       Do you have a Mouse System Corporation (MSC) compatible mouse?
       [y or n]:
    Type y if your mouse is MSC compatible.
    Type n if it is not MSC compatible.

  7. The system displays a listing of mouse assignments with your latest addition and returns you to the main menu:
       Display Terminal        Mouse Device
       console                 Bus mouse
       s0vt00                  Serial mouse on s0tty01

  8. If you want to test the mouse configuration you have just added, select
       T) Test your mouse configuration
    You can also use the usemouse(1) utility. See ``Testing a mouse''.

  9. If the test fails,

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