Mouse administration

Overview of the mouse software

You may use any supported mouse with all UNIX System V applications that use a mouse device. In addition, the software provides support for virtual terminals on the console. A virtual terminal is a console type device in which input from the keyboard or mouse and output to the display monitor is conducted. There can be more than one such virtual terminal in a session, but only one at a time can receive input or send output. Administration of a mouse device is accomplished with the mouseadmin(1) command.

Support for a bus, serial, or PS2-compatible/keyboard mouse

The mouse software supports the following mice or any mouse that is completely compatible with one of the following mice:

Support for virtual terminals

The mouse can support up to fifteen (the default is eight) virtual terminals. The mouse can be effectively used on each virtual terminal without affecting its relative position on another virtual terminal.

The mouseadmin command

The mouseadmin command allows you to add, configure, or remove a mouse from your system. The mouse can be a bus mouse, serial mouse, or any PS2-compatible/Keyboard mouse. See mouseadmin(1) for complete details.

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