Configuring Plug and Play devices

Configuring Plug and Play devices

To configure ISA adapters, including sound adapters, SCSI host adapters, multiport serial boards, and others that conform to the Plug and Play ISA Specification Version 1.0A, use the SCOadmin PnP Configuration Manager: When you configure a adapter with the PnP Configuration Manager, you set the adapter's resources to match values compatible with existing UNIX® ISA drivers.

In most cases, you should configure audio and network devices with their respective configuration managers; this ensures that the drivers and hardware are set to the same values. However, there are situations where you must use the PnP Configuration Manager for these devices:

CAUTION: Make sure that the same values are used when configuring devices and drivers in separate steps as described here; failure to do so will cause conflicts in the Resource Manager.

Configuration consists of:

  1. physically adding the adapter

  2. selecting an adapter and device to configure

  3. resolving configuration conflicts

You can also use the PnP Configuration Manager to disable a device on a specified adapter.

PnP drivers are dynamically loadable modules that enable devices for use immediately after configuration is complete. However, in a few special circumstances, it may be desirable to defer hardware configuration before using the devices.

See ``Terminology and concepts'' for a glossary of terms and information on which files the manager uses and updates.

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