Samba-3 by Example would not have been written except as a result of feedback provided by reviewers and readers of the book The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide. This second edition was made possible by generous feedback from Samba users. I hope this book more than answers the challenge and needs of many more networks that are languishing for a better networking solution.

I am deeply indebted to a large group of diligent people. Space prevents me from listing all of them, but a few stand out as worthy of mention. Jelmer Vernooij made the notable contribution of building the XML production environment and thereby made possible the typesetting of this book.

Samba would not have come into existence if Andrew Tridgell had not taken the first steps. He continues to lead the project. Under the shadow of his mantle are some great folks who never give up and are always ready to help. Thank you to: Jeremy Allison, Jerry Carter, Andrew Bartlett, Jelmer Vernooij, Alexander Bokovoy, Volker Lendecke, and other team members who answered my continuous stream of questions all of which resulted in improved content in this book.

My heartfelt thanks go out also to a small set of reviewers (alphabetically listed) who gave substantial feedback and significant suggestions for improvement: Tony Earnshaw, William Enestvedt, Eric Hines, Roland Gruber, Gavin Henry, Steven Henry, Luke Howard, Tarjei Huse, Jon Johnston, Alan Munter, Mike MacIsaac, Scott Mann, Ed Riddle, Geoff Scott, Santos Soler, Misty Stanley-Jones, Mark Taylor, and Jérôme Tournier.

My appreciation is extended to a team of more than 30 additional reviewers who helped me to find my way around dark corners.

Particular mention is due to Lyndell, Amos, and Melissa who gave me the latitude necessary to spend nearly an entire year writing Samba documentation, and then gave more so this second edition could be created.