Using Samba, 
2nd Edition

Using Samba, 2nd Edition

By Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, and David Collier-Brown
2nd Edition, February 2003
O'Reilly & Associates, ISBN: 0-596-00256-4

Table of Contents


1. Learning the Samba
     What Is Samba?
     What Can Samba Do for Me?
     Getting Familiar with an SMB Network
     An Introduction to the SMB Protocol
     Windows Workgroups and Domains
     What's New in Samba 2.2?
     What's New in Samba 3.0?
     What Can Samba Do?
     An Overview of the Samba Distribution
     How Can I Get Samba?

2. Installing Samba on a Unix System
     Bundled Versions
     Downloading the Samba Distribution
     Configuring Samba
     Compiling and Installing Samba
     Enabling SWAT
     A Basic Samba Configuration File
     Firewall Configuration
     Starting the Samba Daemons
     Testing the Samba Daemons

3. Configuring Windows Clients
     Windows Networking Concepts
     Setting Up Windows 95/98/Me Computers
     Setting Up Windows NT 4.0 Computers
     Setting Up Windows 2000 Computers
     Setting Up Windows XP Computers

4. Windows NT Domains
     Samba as the Primary Domain Controller
     Adding Computer Accounts
     Configuring Windows Clients for Domain Logons
     Logon Scripts
     Roaming Profiles
     System Policies
     Samba as a Domain Member Server
     Windows NT Domain Options

5. Unix Clients
     Sharing Files on Windows 95/98/Me
     Sharing Files on Windows NT/2000/XP
     smbutil and mount_smbfs

6. The Samba Configuration File
     The Samba Configuration File
     Special Sections
     Configuration Options
     Server Configuration
     Disk Share Configuration
     Networking Options with Samba
     Virtual Servers
     Logging Configuration Options

7. Name Resolution and Browsing
     Name Resolution

8. Advanced Disk Shares
     Filesystem Differences
     File Permissions and Attributes on MS-DOS and Unix
     Windows NT/2000/XP ACLs
     Name Mangling and Case
     Locks and Oplocks
     Connection Scripts
     Microsoft Distributed Filesystems
     Working with NIS

9. Users and Security
     Users and Groups
     Controlling Access to Shares
     Authentication of Clients
     Authentication with winbind

10. Printing
     Sending Print Jobs to Samba
     Printing to Windows Printers

11. Additional Samba Information
     Time Synchronization
     Magic Scripts
     Windows Messenger Service
     Miscellaneous Options

12. Troubleshooting Samba
     The Tool Box
     The Fault Tree
     Extra Resources

Appendix A. Example Configuration Files

Appendix B. Samba Configuration Option Quick Reference

Appendix C. Summary of Samba Daemons and Commands

Appendix D. Downloading Samba with CVS

Appendix E. Configure Options

Appendix F. Running Samba on Mac OS X Server

Appendix G. GNU Free Documentation License