Pine commands

Apply and zoom commands

Apply (A) is the second step of most aggregate operations. Apply becomes active any time there is a defined set of selected messages. When you select the apply command, Pine displays the set of commands, such as print, forward, save, and others.

Pine never conducts an implicit apply operation. The only way to have a command operate on the selected set is to use the apply command first. Otherwise, commands operate on the current message even if you have just selected a message set.

Another action you might want to take on a set of selected messages is to zoom in on them. Like apply, zoom only becomes active when messages have been selected. Zoom (Z) is a toggle command which allows you to zoom-in (and only to see the selected messages) and zoom-out (to see all messages in the folder). The setting for auto-zoom-after-select and auto-unzoom-after-apply in the Pine configuration allow you to modify Pine's behavior when messages are selected.

Neither apply nor zoom modify the definition of the selected set; in other words, after you apply a command to or zoom your selected messages, the selection still remains in effect.

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