Pine commands

Export and save commands

Export (E) and Save (S) are the two alternatives Pine gives you to keep a copy of the message you are reading. If you want to keep the message within Pine's folder collection(s), use the save command; if you want to use the message in another program, use export. Pine uses a special format for its mail folders: never edit a Pine folder by hand or with any program other than Pine, unless you know exactly what you are doing; it is also advisable to make a backup copy of any Pine folder you manipulate outside of Pine first.

When you save a message, it is put into an existing folder or into a new folder in one of your existing folder collections. The message stays in email format and can be read by Pine again. The exact behavior of the save command can be configured with the save-will-quote-leading-froms, save-will-not-delete, and save-will-advance feature settings.

When you use export, the file is placed in your home directory or current working directory (see the use-current-dir configuration setting).

The export command reacts to the full header mode toggle. If the full header mode is on, then all the header and delivery lines are included with the text of the message in your exported copy of the message.

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