Pine commands

Rich headers command

Normally, Pine just shows you four header fields to fill out: To:, Cc:, Attchmnt:, and Subject:. There are others, Bcc:, Fcc:, Lcc:, Newsgroups: and possibly custom headers you have defined in your personal configuration: these are also available but not usually shown. When you press <Ctrl>R in the message header, you can see and edit these hidden fields.

Bcc: stands for blind carbon copy. Addresses listed in this field receive a copy of the message, but are not visible to any of its recipients, including even those who received the blind carbon copy. Note that if you enter addresses both in the To: and the Bcc: fields, this can cause confusion among the Bcc: recipients, who may think they accidentally received a message intended for someone else (that is, the addresses they see in the To: field), and then forward it to them, so use this feature with discretion.

Supplied with version 3.92 (or later) of Pine is the Lcc: (List Carbon Copy) field, which combines the functions of the To: and Bcc:fields. It allows you to select a list of addresses from your address book and shows the name of the list (but not the individual addresses in the list) in the message's To: field, while delivering a copy of the message to each address on the list.

Fcc: stands for ``folder carbon copy''. This is the field to specify the name of the folder which should hold a copy of the outgoing message. The default Fcc: field in Pine's configuration specifies the default folder to save outgoing messages into, but you can override that default on for any message you compose by changing the Fcc: field in its header. In addition, Pine gives you the ability to specify an Fcc: appropriate for each entry in your address book, a very useful feature if you organize your folder by correspondents.

The Newsgroups: field allows you to select one or more Usenet newsgroups to which you want to post your message. For this to work, you have to have access to a news server, which can be specified in the nntp-server field of Pine's configuration screen.

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